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Meet the Bobcat® AT450 articulating tractor, a powerhouse in the farming and landscaping industries, sets itself apart with unique articulating and oscillating capabilities. With stable maneuverability and fiercely uncompromising versatility, this tractor is designed to tackle an endless barrage of to-dos. Whether you’re maintaining an acreage, farm, commercial property or grounds, golf course, or sports facility, this tractor is ready to attack your work from any angle.

Unlike conventional tractors, the AT450 articulating tractor features a pivotal connection between the front and rear sections, allowing for superior maneuverability, particularly on challenging terrain. This articulation and oscillation enable precise steering and increased consistent ground contact, enhancing stability and traction, even over uneven surfaces.

The front of the AT450 houses the engine and QuickHitch attachment system. Thanks to its compatibility with a wide array of attachments, the QuickHitch system excels in handling a diverse range of tasks. Whether it's buckets, blades, farming, or turf maintenance implements, the AT450 can seamlessly switch between plowing, cutting, hauling, snow-blowing, and more. 

Overall, the AT450 Articulating Tractor from Bobcat is a reliable, versatile, and durable workhorse that empowers operators to tackle various tasks with confidence. From its maneuverability to its wide range of attachments, this tractor is built to deliver exceptional performance, productivity, and comfort, making it a valuable asset for any work site. 


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2 Results
AT450 (Gas) Bobcat AT450 Articulating Tractor Studio Image

AT450 (Gas)

Engine Horsepower
32.5 hp
Frame Oscillation
9 in
Unit Weight
1860 lb

AT450 (Diesel) Bobcat AT450 Articulating Tractor Studio Image

AT450 (Diesel)


Bobcat AT450 Articulating Tractor with AirFX Mower Attachment Working in Yard
Go anywhere, do anything with attachments.

Mow, blow, lift, dig, carry, sweep – The AT450 can do it all.

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Bobcat AT450 Articulating Tractor With AirFX Mower Attachment

Versatility at Every Twist

With a powerful engine, standard front hitch, built-in dual LED headlights and tail lights, and boundless versatility features coupled with a broad lineup of capable attachments, you can accomplish more with one tractor. 

Operator Running His Bobcat AT450 Articulating Tractor

Operator Friendly Design

With a large platform, conveniently located controls and ergonomically placed foot pegs, the AT450 Articulating Tractor is equipped to keep operators comfortable all day or night. The AT450 has a small footprint and is a powerful machine, with strategically placed tie-down points transportation is easy.

AT450 Articulating Tractor Pushing Mulch Using the Bobcat Power Angle Blade Attachment

Increased Stability and Maneuverability

With four wheel drive, an exclusive hydraulic traction boost system, articulating and oscillating frame, and low center of gravity, you can approach hills, dips, contours and many types of terrain with confidence. 


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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including engine exhaust (including diesel engine exhaust when equipped), lead and lead compounds, mineral oils, soots, phthalates, and carbon monoxide which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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