Forklifts & Lift Trucks


Built to help you accomplish more every day, our forklifts and lift trucks are designed with reliability, versatility, power and features you can’t get anywhere else.

Solutions to Help You Succeed in Material Handling

As a complete material handling solutions provider, Bobcat offers a full range of IC, LPG and electric forklifts, with capacities ranging from 3,000 to 55,000 pounds.  

With many available models, configurations and exclusive features you can’t get anywhere else – there’s a forklift or lift truck available to match the unique material handling challenges of your business.  

Every model includes advanced safety features, superb ergonomic designs and a lower total cost of ownership. For you, this means when you invest in a Bobcat® forklift, you can rest assured that your equipment will keep on going just as long and hard as you do.

Electric Counterbalance A Bobcat B50X-7 Forklift Against a White Background

Electric Counterbalance

Electric counterbalance forklifts have lower power consumption and high performance. 

  • Ergonomically designed operator’s compartment
  • Three-point entry
  • Ergonomic pedal system
  • Operator Sensing System (OSS)
  • Guardian Stability System (GSS)
  • Dust and water protection
  • Rugged and durable twin drive units
Narrow Aisle A Bobcat BOP15S-9 Forklift Against a White Background

Narrow Aisle

Narrow-aisle-friendly products make the most of your precious warehouse space.  

  • Intelligent safety features 
  • Outstanding productivity & comfort 
  • Exceptional reliability 
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Optional extras for customization
Electric Pallet Trucks & Stackers Bobcat BER30-9 Electric Pallet Jack

Electric Pallet Trucks & Stackers

Fast, affordable and reliable machines are right at home in any indoor space. They can move, lift, stack and store products in your warehouse without a large investment – all while making the most of your precious warehouse space. 

  • Rider pallet trucks 
  • Walkie pallet stacker 
  • Walkie reach stacker 
  • Walkie pallet truck 
  • Center control rider pallet truck
IC Cushion Tire A Bobcat GC25S-9 Forklift Against a White Background

IC Cushion Tire

Power, performance, driving comfort, durability and outstanding fuel efficiency are just a few reasons they’re the preferred choice for most warehouses. 

  • Premium operator compartment 
  • Operator Sensing System for safer operation 
  • High-visibility mast 
  • Five-year, 10,000-hour oil-cooled disc brakes (OCDB) 
  • Fewer recommended service intervals
IC Pneumatic Tire A Bobcat D90S-9 Forklift Against a White Background

IC Pneumatic Tire

Get the best possible value of any forklift, including increased productivity, improved comfort and some of the lowest overall costs of ownership. 

  • Superb ergonomics 
  • Modern safety features 
  • Tireless productivity & reliability 
  • Smart VCU functions (vehicle control unit) 
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
Warehouse Vehicles Bobcat BBC23S-7 Burden Carrier Studio Image

Warehouse Vehicles

Productivity vehicles move people and cargo safely through your facility or jobsite. They deliver simple, powerful and performance-enhanced products while helping customers achieve success. 

  • Personnel carrier 
  • Burden carrier 
  • Center control tugger 
  • Stock chaser

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