Fluid Analysis

Fluid analysis helps to identify minor problems before they become major failures. Analysis programs for oil and fuel are currently available. Each program provides reports and insights that can help you understand the current operating status of your machine better. Taking samples is fast and easy. Detailed management reports are available online shortly after samples have been processed, while customized dashboards make it easy to compare historical data. To learn more about the benefits and testing process, contact your local dealer.

Oil Analysis Bobcat customer service expert looking up fluid analysis kits on computer, while customer looks on approvingly.

Oil Analysis

Imagine being able to examine what’s happening inside an engine, gearbox, or hydraulic system without disassembly. With the oil analysis program, you will be able to monitor the internal operating conditions of your equipment simply by taking samples of your oil.

Fuel Analysis Operator safely fueling Bobcat T770 with gas pump after fuel analysis

Fuel Analysis

Many diesel engine problems can be traced back to the quality of diesel fuel. Harmful effects can include smoking, clogged filters and loss of power. With fuel analysis, you can prevent these damaging effects by identifying fuel contaminents.

High-Quality Testing

You can be confident that the test results you receive through the Bobcat Fluid Analysis Program are accurate, repeatable and traceable to a standard. Bobcat testing laboratories are ISO 17025 A2LA accredited – the highest level of quality attainable by a testing laboratory backed by the most stringent accrediting body in the industry. This means that your fluid analysis program is supported by a documented quality system you can depend on to deliver superior testing and customer services.

Benefits of Fluid Analysis

Tracking Test Results

Laboratories are accessible within 48 hours ground transit from almost anywhere in the continental United States. Once your samples have been logged at the lab, you can track their progress. Get your results almost immediately upon completion through HORIZON®, Bobcat’s online reporting and data management solution.