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Whether you're a first-time buyer or an experienced owner, you'll find articles and guides in our comprehensive resource center covering all types of utility vehicles from gas and diesel to side-by-side differences.  

Get expert advice on choosing the best machine for you, an overview of features, attachments to boost productivity, maintenance tips, and more.  

Find the information you need to unleash more productivity and performance while experiencing extensive comfort, ultimate durability and more importantly getting the most out of your investment in a Bobcat® utility vehicle. 

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Utility Vehicle Articles & Guides

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How to Buy UTV: Checklist  Livestock Farmer Drives Through Pasture In Bobcat Side-By-Side UTV

How to Buy UTV: Checklist

To help you make the most of your next purchase, we broke down what to consider when test-driving utility vehicles.
How to Select a Well-Built UTV Bobcat UV34 Utility Vehicle Parked On An Acreage Lawn During Sunset

How to Select a Well-Built UTV

Selecting a well-built, dependable utility vehicle is the best way to ensure that it will provide you with years of service. So before you buy, take a look at the key things to consider when selecting the best UTV for your work.
UTV vs. ATV Bobcat UV34 AND UV34XL Utility Vehicles


While it’s possible to get around your jobsite or property with an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), utility vehicles offer benefits that give them a leg up on the ATV.
Utility Vehicle Q&A: Is a Utility Vehicle the Right Solution? UTV Q&A

Utility Vehicle Q&A: Is a Utility Vehicle the Right Solution?

There’s a lot to consider before you take the plunge to purchase a utility vehicle. Ask yourself these questions to help make the decision easier.
Utility Vehicle Purchase Checklist UTV Checklist

Utility Vehicle Purchase Checklist

A new utility vehicle is a big purchase with a lot of considerations to keep in mind. A checklist reminding you of your top requirements and needs can help you make your decision.
Utility Vehicles vs. Pickup Trucks Bobcat UV34 AND UV34XL Utility Vehicles

Utility Vehicles vs. Pickup Trucks

Pickups have long been the standard work vehicle, but utility vehicles offer unique advantages, like lower ownership costs, improved mobility and more.
How to Evaluate Your Dealer’s Maintenance Expertise Closeup Image of Bobcat Logo

How to Evaluate Your Dealer’s Maintenance Expertise

You’re busy on the jobsite. That's why it’s important to re-evaluate who can most cost-effectively maintain your compact equipment — you or your dealer?

Utility Vehicles in Action

Bobcat Utility Vehicles Support Park Restoration

Trueheart Ranch Park in San Antonio, Texas

Discover how Bobcat and NRPA volunteers came together to bring the San Antonio location, Trueheart Ranch Park, to life with the $50,000 Bobcat grant.  

The San Antonio River Authority will be using the grant funds from Bobcat creating new trails, planting native species and building a bioswale.  

This project will help protect the park from environmental effects. 

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