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Grapple, Log

Log Grapple Attachment Studio Shot

Whether you’re felling trees, loading logs onto trailers, or transporting material out of your yard, the free-hanging 56-inch log grapple attachment for mini track and small articulated loaders has the brute force and agility to lift and move heavy logs and brush – even on tight worksites or properties. Reinforced tines provide an iron grip on logs and brush. An integrated tree pusher helps you direct falling timber when clearing land. And heavy-duty grapple teeth stabilize logs during operation. From first cut through final loading, the Bobcat log grapple gives you power and control over your work.

Top Grapple Attachment Tasks

  • Clear land of fallen trees
  • Collect brush for site cleanup
  • Load heavy logs onto trailers
  • Assist in felling trees of all sizes
  • Transport logs around lumber yard

How the Log Grapple Works

The free-hanging 56-inch log grapple is mounted on a rotator and swings out like a pendulum to grab logs and brush.

Attachment Features

  • Reinforced tines: Give operators a powerful and lasting grip on logs and brush, even in tough conditions.
  • Integrated tree pusher: Pushes trees to ensure they fall in the intended direction.
  • Rope bollards: Help maximize stability and control when directing debris during cutting.
  • Heavy-duty teeth: Stabilize logs of all sizes during daily operation.

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