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Soil & Asphalt Spreader

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Designed to save time and labor costs, the Bobcat® Soil and Asphalt Spreader is easy to use and easy to maintain for exceptional operator uptime and maximum efficiency. Its compact design and low weight make it easy to transport and quickly operational compared to larger machines dedicated to applying asphalt or other roadwork.
The Bobcat Soil and Asphalt Spreader can be quickly mounted to any Bobcat compact loader using the Power Bob-Tach® attachment mounting system.

Top Tasks

The Bobcat Soil and Asphalt Spreader is ideal for spreading soil, asphalt, or other loose materials to fill trenches, lay sub-base materials, widen and repair roads, pave sidewalks and many other light construction applications. It is designed to handle loose materials at slow operating speeds.

The Soil and Asphalt Spreader achieves great results in a wide range of applications common to work among municipalities and other government accounts, the rental industry and construction.


  • Hydraulic side wings are easily adjusted for any spread path from 5 inches to 6 feet. The side wings are adjustable from the cab or from an optional auxiliary control panel to guide fill material for a customized surface path.
  • The adjustable blade leaves layer materials up to 4 inches above ground level.
  • The hydraulic offset can shift the material guide up to 6 feet to the right. This allows for the spread of materials without the loader passing over the material, leaving a flawless surface.
  • The floating transverse tilt compensates for sloping terrain.
  • An optional fixed side-wing kit is available for curb and gutter applications.


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