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Toolcat utility work machine empties debris from the sweeper attachment into a pile.

On construction sites, industrial work zones and municipal jobs, cleanliness is a must, but it’s usually not enough to just brush debris aside. When it’s necessary to collect and dump dust, dirt and debris, the easy-to-use sweeper attachment gets the job done.

During operation, tough, poly bristles flick debris into the sweeper collection bucket – and when it’s full, you can lift, dump and dispose. It does the work of multiple clean-up attachments with optimal bristle-to-surface contact and highly productive efficiency. It’s ideal for site cleanup, daily dust abatement, road construction, airport maintenance and more.

Top Tasks

  • Clean parking lots, sidewalks, docks and warehouses.
  • Use the collection edge to scrape mud and other caked-on materials from roadways, driveways and other jobsites.
  • Collect and deposit material instead of “throwing” it or windrowing for bucket collection.



Hard Cleanup Tasks Made Easy
The sweeper’s hydraulic motor spins durable bristles mounted to its rotating drum. Powerful flicking action sends dirt and debris flying into the attachment’s collection bucket. Bristles spin in either direction, forward or reverse.

When moving the loader in reverse, you can scrape mud and caked-on debris with the bucket wear-edge as you sweep the material into the bucket – similar to sweeping with a hand broom and dustpan. When traveling forward, the bristles send material flying forward against a rubber flap. From there, materials goes over the top of the bristles and into the bucket. When forward sweeping, keep the wear edge above the surface for optimum performance and wear edge life.


Engineered Tough
The new Bobcat sweeper design is more efficient and more durable than ever before, with numerous enhancements that keep your uptime and productivity at their highest. A redesigned, all- welded hood decreases the possibility of loosened fasteners, and a larger, heavy-duty side bearing gives added durability and performance, while reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Standard Heavy-Duty Bristles

Ideal for all sweeping conditions, these tough, poly bristles provide excellent flicking action for effective debris removal. These heavy-duty orange bristles have 15% more poly than standard bristles for superior sweeping and long life. Our new sweepers feature larger diameter sweeper wafers compared to our previous models, which increase bristle life with better cleaning ability to pick up more debris.

Hardened/Reversible Wear Edge Standard

The bucket wear edge cuts into hard, stubborn material as you sweep while traveling in reverse, allowing you to collect the loose debris. This edge is designed for long life, with tough, hardened-steel construction and a reversible design. If it does get worn out or damaged, the edge is easily replaceable.


Easy Bristle Replacement
When it’s time to replace the bristles, we have designed the sweeper for efficient bristle replacements.

Tool-Free Bristle Adjustment
Adjustment of bristles is easy too, thanks to a simple, tool-less pin and stop design that won’t seize up from rust.

Added Sealing
Seals around the motor and rear hinge have been added to help prevent dust from escaping the attachment body, which improves sweeping efficiency.


Simple Direct-Drive Motor
The drum is powered by a direct-drive hydraulic motor, which provides high torque. It also has fewer parts than chain-driven sweepers, which means there is less maintain. This reduces your maintenance.


Gutter Brush Kit
The new and improved gutter brush kit cleans curbs, alongside buildings and in other hard-to-reach areas. It also widens the sweepers total width by one foot to allow more coverage per pass. The mounting arm is more compact to contribute less weight when dumping a full bucket. It also installs easier and can be mounted on either side of the sweeper. It can be raised and stored vertically when not in use.

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