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Compact Tractors

The full lineup of Bobcat compact tractors is designed for the way you work.

Bobcat® equipment was born to work on a farm more than 60 years ago. Since then, our equipment has remained a constant presence on farms and ranches. With our new line of sub-compact and compact tractors ranging from 21 to 58 hp, Bobcat is coming back to our roots in a big way. These powerful, easy-to-use compact tractors deliver the legendary quality our construction and landscaping equipment is known for, but built for ranch, farm and property owners like you who want to put this hard-working brand to work on your slice of heaven. Every Bobcat compact tractor is backed by our extensive dealer network and a 24-month, 1,500-hour warranty. You were born for this – and so was Bobcat.

Bobcat Compact Tractor Lineup With Tractor Attachments.

Compact Tractors Built For Any Kind of Work


Cattle Farmer Using Bobcat Compact Tractor on Ranch.

Bobcat 4000 and 5000 Platform compact tractors deliver the size, traction and horsepower to easily run a variety of implements and attachments to load material, grade roads, prepare the soil for planting and more. These models are equipped with a turbo-charger, for consistently higher performance and low-end torque.


Customer Using Bobcat Compact Tractor with Finish Mower to Maintain Acreage

Bobcat 2000 Platform models are small enough to work in tight areas, yet strong enough for bigger jobs around your property. Use the front-end loader to move rock or mulch, then add implements to tackle road or property maintenance, snow removal and more. Select a model with an enclosed cab for year-round productivity.


Bobcat Customer Uses Compact Tractor With Front-End Loader to Move Landscaping Material

Bobcat 4000 Platform compact tractors offer the versatility and ease of use ideal for busy landscapers. The open-cab design makes it easy to get in and out of the tractor when frequently changing implements or loading materials. Select models offer a manual synchro shuttle transmission for shift-on-the-fly functionality.

Property Owner Moving Material with Bobcat Compact Tractor and Front End Loader Attachment.

Legendary Bobcat Performance

Performance is always No. 1 with any Bobcat machine, and our new compact tractors are no exception. You can rely on dependable performance to help you with all your work around the farm or acreage.

The compact size of our new tractors delivers true Bobcat maneuverability. A tight turning radius, as little as 8 feet depending on the model, allows you to move in close to trees and buildings, and move around pens or inside barns.

Each machine is loaded with performance features, including leading draw-bar towing, more ground clearance, leading lift capacity, rear remote hydraulics, rear power take-off (PTO), 3-point hitch and a high ground speed.

Built Tough, Easy to Use

When your tractor is comfortable and easy to use, long days and a long list of projects are no problem. Bobcat compact tractors offer many comfort features, including a suspension seat that absorbs vibrations and bumps, an enclosed radio-ready cab (available on select models) plus low-noise, low-vibration engines.

Easy-to-use ergonomic controls require less effort. Extras like power steering, cruise control and a cab-integrated joystick lever make it simple and comfortable to operate the equipment. It’s more like an extension of you.

They’re simple to service, too, with an accessible engine compartment so you can make daily maintenance checks from one side of the engine. There are no panels to remove when you need access to the engine. The one-piece engine hood lifts easily and when fully opened stands nearly perpendicular to the engine compartment.

Bobcat Compact Tractor with Tine Rake.

Choose From Multiple Transmissions

Farmer Uses Bobcat Compact Tractor to Till His Acreage

The Bobcat compact tractor lineup includes 15 models and four different transmission types available depending on the model you choose. Each transmission type delivers unique benefits to match your work style, experience level and the type of work you do.

Operate Multiple Attachments and Implements

Compact Tractor With Cab Using 3 pt. Box Blade to Level Pathway.

A standard 3-point hitch transforms every Bobcat compact tractor into a do-it-all machine. You can connect any Category 1 implement and take on more projects, including mowing, tilling, raking, grading, moving snow and more.

Be Productive Year-Round with an Enclosed Cab

Farmer Uses Bobcat Compact Tractor With Enclosed Cab to Till Land.

A factory-installed, radio-ready enclosed tractor cab (available on select models) offers a long list of deluxe features so you can stay out of the weather, work longer days and accomplish more around your small farm or property all year long.


Powerful, easy-to-use compact tractors deliver the legendary quality our construction equipment is known for, but built for ranch, farm and property owners like you.


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