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Compact Excavator / Performance Features

Deluxe Instrumentation – Compact Excavators

When you’re working, fast access to machine information is crucial. Deluxe instrumentation puts key functions at your fingertips. It brings upgraded communication, monitoring, productivity and control to your excavator. More importantly, the panel boosts your productivity and peace of mind all year long. Critical information is clearly visible on a ultra-sharp LCD panel and simple interface.

Feature Details

Operation Data

Picture of instrumentation panel and joystick inside a Bobcat compact (mini) excavator.

You’ll have added convenience and more control over your machine with operation data. It includes coolant temperature, throttle position, idle time, and engine RPM. Additionally, you can check your excavator’s fuel consumption in real time, annually or hourly fuel consumption. You can even check to see which operator has used the most fuel.

Password-Protected Keyless Start

Deluxe instrumentation displaying owner password entry screen.

Eliminate downtime due to lost keys. Remove the risk of spare keys in the pockets of current or former employees. Reduce the chance of theft or unauthorized use. You might even reduce your insurance premiums. Integrated keyless start provides for one assignable owner code and up to eight operator codes.

Functional Lockouts

Deluxe instrumentation displaying owner password entry screen

Protect your investment from misuse or accidental use by locking out certain functions such as high-flow hydraulics and two-speed.

Maintenance Reminders

Display on Bobcat excavator with deluxe instrumentation panel.

Reminders of service intervals ensure you maximize your performance.

Multiple Languages

  Deluxe instrumentation displaying owner password entry screen.

Deluxe Instrumentation can provide information about machine performance in English, Spanish and five other languages.

Eco Mode

Deluxe instrumentation displaying eco mode.

Save on fuel costs with the eco mode feature on Bobcat excavators. This feature optimizes engine performance for less fuel consumption. Easily toggle on or off using a switch inside the cab.

Depth Check System

Bobcat depth check system sensors for Bobcat compact excavators.

Achieve an accurate grade every time without leaving your cab by using the Bobcat® depth check system. Efficient and easy to use, the system delivers accurate dig depth measurement for precision grading performance. It eliminates over-digging and the costs associated with backfilling and compacting fill material. It also prevents under-digging and the resulting need for manual labor to finalize depth or grade.

Standard Instrumentation

Multiple Access Options


Access to your excavator can be accomplished in three ways: standard panel with key, standard panel with keypad for keyless start and one programmable owner code, or the optional deluxe instrumentation panel with integrated keyless start, which includes provisions for one owner code and up to eight user codes. You can also cost-effectively upgrade keyed machines to a keyless start system.

Standard Instrumentation

Picture of instrumentation panel and joystick inside a Bobcat compact (mini) excavator.

Every excavator comes with the standard instrumentation system which is designed for enhanced functionality and improved ergonomics. The forward-mount instrument panel allows for improved joystick switch ergonomics and improved operator comfort, making it easy to quickly glance at the screen. The panel location aligns with existing cab components and work group structures to maintain visibility to your attachment.

Compare Brands

There’s a huge difference between published specs and real-world testing. Bobcat Advantage® puts the industry’s top compact equipment brands in tough challenges to show you the differences. Objective tests and competitive comparisons measure up Bobcat®, Caterpillar®, John Deere®, and Kubota® machines.

Smarter Instrumentation

Quick access to vital machine information during operation is critical. Bobcat® compact (mini) excavators with the optional Deluxe Instrumentation panel put key functions at your fingertips.It’s also the industry’s only keyless start system, which includes up to eight programmable operator passwords.Caterpillar®, John Deere®, and Kubota® have some helpful features on their display systems, but only Bobcat provides the industry’s smartest instrumentation.