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Compact Excavator / Servicability Features

Panoramic Serviceability

Maintenance is necessary, and Bobcat® compact (mini) excavators are designed to make it easy. A wide opening gives you more space to work, while a smart layout gives you access to critical components. When maintenance is faster and more convenient,, you’re more likely to perform it as scheduled.

Feature Details

Easy Access

 Bobcat E35 compact (mini) excavator gets a routine inspection on a jobsite.

Access engine and pump package, valve bank, cooling system and plumbing using the swing-open tailgate and side access hood. Filters, fluid checks, air cleaner, battery and other maintenance points are simple to access. Cooling cores can be separated for quick, easy cleaning of the radiator.

Auto-Tensioning Belt

Bobcat compact (mini) excavator with open tailgate and side access hood.

Made of tough DuPont Kevlar®, the multi-groove auto-tensioning belt, requires no adjustment, making maintenance much easier.

Straight Fittings

Bobcat E35 compact (mini) excavator and bucket attachment digging a trench for a pipe.

When hydraulic fluids move easier, you’ll have more available hydraulic horsepower. That’s why Bobcat® compact excavators have fewer 90-degree fittings, resulting in more efficient hydraulic fluid transfer and better utilization of engine horsepower.

Centralized Grease Bank

Bobcat compact (mini) excavator centralized grease points for lubricating the slew bearing and the slew pinion.

A centralized grease bank makes fast, simple work of lubricating the slew bearing and slew pinion. With the large opening, it’s simple and easy to reach the well-protected grease cylinder fitting and complete track tensioning.

Separable Cooling Cores

Operator works on a Bobcat (mini) excavator on maintenance with separable cooling cores.

When your excavator’s cooling core becomes clogged, especially in high-dust environments, it’s easily separate the cooling cores for cleaning with a brush or air compressor.

Easy Component Access

Bobcat makes it easy to find and reach your engine checkpoints – so daily maintenance actually gets done every day. Use the rear or side access doors to easily find and service the components of your compact (mini) excavator.   

Rear Door Components

  • Coolant Recovery Bottle
  • Alternator
  • Engine Oil Fill
  • Serprentine Belt
  • Engine Oil Dipstick
  • Air Cleaner
  • Engine Oil Filter
  • Starter
  • Muffler
  • Fuel Filter
  • Fuel Primer Bulb

Side Door Components

  • Seperable Cooling Cores
  • Hydraulic Oil Fill
  • Hydraulic Oil Filter
  • Main Control Valve
  • Windshield Fill
  • Battery

Compare Brands

There’s a huge difference between published specs and real-world testing. Bobcat Advantage® puts the industry’s top compact equipment brands in tough challenges to show you the differences. Objective tests and competitive comparisons measure up Bobcat®, Caterpillar®, John Deere®, and Kubota® machines.

Faster Maintenance

Maintenance is necessary, but you shouldn’t have to spend countless hours doing it. Bobcat® excavators are designed to make it easy. Caterpillar®, John Deere®, and Kubota® will require more time in the shop.