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Multiple Tail Swing Configurations – Compact Excavators

Choose an excavator model with the tail swing configuration that best matches the needs of your jobsite. Models provide different levels of maneuverability. Options range from zero tail swing, designed for working next to buildings and structures, to minimal tail swing, great for jobs without a lot of room to turn or rotate the house, to conventional tail swing, which offers the greatest lift capacity with a house that extends 6-20 in. during rotation.

Feature Details

Conventional Tail Swing

Bobcat R-Series E32 compact (mini) excavator with grapple attachment picking up rocks.

Conventional tail swing models deliver the greatest lift capacity in the excavator lineup compared to those with minimal or zero tail swing options. Conventional tail swing excavators also have a narrower stance (width) for easier loading onto a trailer and better access through doorways, gates, property lines or other tight areas on the jobsite.

Minimal Tail Swing

Bobcat E50 Minimal Tail Swing Excavator Next To Stone Wall

Minimal tail swing provides more maneuverability than conventional tail swing, however the rear of the house protrudes as much as 6 in. beyond the width of the tracks. Slew and deposit soil where you need it, reposition the machine fewer times, and worry less about inadvertently contacting any surrounding objects.

Zero Tail Swing (ZTS)

Bobcat compact (mini) excavator with Zero Tail Swing working near a concrete wall.

Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) excavators give you more unrestricted rotation and provides greater flexibility if you are constantly working close to objects or against a wall. For the greatest flexibility, choose a zero tail swing model; the rear of the house stays within the width of the tracks through full rotation.