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Compact Excavator / Performance Features

Touch Display - Compact Excavators

Detailed machine information and an unprecedented level of device connectivity make the optional Touch Display on Bobcat® excavators the most advanced in the industry. Easily view and toggle through machine performance information on the wide, easy-to-use touchscreen, which supports seven languages. It features a 800 x 480-pixel display resolution. Plus, it’s waterproof and hardened to reduce scratching.

Detailed Fault Code Info

R2-Series Compact Excavator Display Showing Excavator Default Codes

Timely maintenance information enhances serviceability and optimizes excavator uptime. Save time troubleshooting with more detailed error code explanations, including access to longer code detail pages with additional information. You’ll also see which codes are currently active, what time inactive codes occurred, and the name of the operator who was logged in when the fault code occurred. For select fault codes, you can access extended descriptions that give you information on the root cause of the issue and its impact.

Screen Durability and Glove Sensitivity

Touch Screen Display Inside Bobcat Mini Excavator

Built to withstand the elements, the Touch Display is designed to work in open cabs and extreme weather. Tempered glass on the screen is rated 9H on the Mohs hardness scale for a high level of scratch protection. The display is pressure-washer tested to ensure superior waterproofing that stands up to wet, humid environments. Use the capacitive touch screen without taking off your light-duty work gloves.

Increased Phone and Device Connectivity

R2-Series Compact Excavator Touch Screen

To make tough jobs more enjoyable, the integrated radio with Bluetooth™ allows a wide range of on-the-job entertainment and communication, including hands-free phone calls. Stream music from your phone, tablet or other device using the Bluetooth-connected radio. Import contacts from your mobile phone to make high-fidelity calls easily from inside your excavator cab.

Operator Job Clock

Job Clock On Touchscreen Display Inside Bobcat Mini Excavator

You can set a new clock for each job, giving you an easy way to track your compact excavator’s productivity and employee performance. Detailed statistics for each operator are also accessible within each job clock. You can track the total number of engine hours, idle hours, fuel used and average gallons per hour per operator.

Day and Night Modes

Night Mode On Touch Display Inside R2-Series Compact Excavator

The display’s ambient light sensor provides the best display for convenient, glare-free screen visibility at any time of day. Users can enable automatic screen brightness control that adjusts to ambient light, adjust brightness on their own, or activate day or night mode to their preference.

20 Unique Operator Codes

Touch Display Inside Mini Excavator Cab Showing Operator Codes

Set the display to accept 20 different operator codes for jobsite security and detailed operator statistics that can help your staff work more efficiently and effectively. For added security, users are locked out for one minute after five incorrect password attempts. You can enable or disable this feature.

Active Noise Cancelling During Phone Calls

R2-Series Mini Excavator Cab Interior

Active noise cancelling on the high-fidelity in-cab microphone allows call recipients to hear operators easily and clearly.

On-Screen Attachment Control

R2-Series Compact Excavator Display Showing Excavator Attachment Controls

Use the display to monitor and position select excavator attachments. To further enhance operator productivity, the display also provides tips and information for using excavator attachments.

Quick Contacts

Touch Display In Bobcat Mini Excavator Showing Call Contacts

Each operator can keep a customizable list of contacts for easy phone communication with less job interruption. Call your customers, office or Bobcat dealer.

Integrated Radio

R2-Series Compact Excavator Touch Display Showcasing Radio Integration

Program 12 AM and FM radio presets with each operator code you set, plus six weather band presets. The radio also supports an auxiliary input via a 3.5-mm jack, which is located in the cab.

USB Power Port

Keep devices charged and ready with the convenient USB power port, integrated into the Touch Display. It can also be used to play music located on a USB stick as well as music on an Apple® device using the iPod source. Also supports the MTP to play music via this source.

Timed Screen Lock

For convenient operation with minimal interruptions, the screen lock will not activate until it has been unused for a set amount of time that you determine. If you take the seat again within this time, you will be able to start the machine without entering an operator code.

Jog Shuttle

If your hands are wet or you are working with dirty gloves, the jog shuttle provides an easy backup input to keep you working seamlessly. You can reach any of your main screens’ handy shortcuts. The jog shuttle also can be used to accept and end calls.

Favorite Screens for Easy Access

Save time by navigating to different screens on the Touch Display using favorite screens. Just navigate to the desired screen and press and hold the star icon on the jog shuttle to add it to your favorites.

Feature Lockouts

Enable feature lockouts and get a customized experience for all your operators. In R2-Series excavators, owners can lock out the hands-free phone calls and radio.