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Operator Moves Dirt With Bobcat Large Excavator

Bigger Jobs, Bigger Solutions: 5 Benefits of a Large Excavator Rental

While there are many benefits to equipment ownership, large excavator rentals are a great option for those who want to tackle larger jobs before committing to a purchase. From fixed monthly costs to saving money during tax season, here are five benefits of renting a large excavator.

Bobcat Large Excavator Digs In Field With Bucket Attachment

Large Excavators: Are They Right for You?

If you’re in need of a versatile tool built for powerful trenching and excavating, a large excavator is likely the right choice for your fleet. Find out if a large excavator is the best option for your next project with these three important considerations.

Infographic Highlighting Key Differences Between Bobcat E42 and E50 Compact Excavator Specs

What Makes the E42 and E50 Mini Excavators Different?

The new R2-Series compact excavators boast enhanced performance, control, efficiency and operator comfort. So what makes the two excavators different? Take a side-by-side look at the E42 and E50 compact excavators to help you decide which one best meets your needs.

Bobcat R2-Series E50 Compact Excavator Trenching

How to Choose the Right Compact Excavator Size

The utility of the compact excavator has led to their increasing popularity on jobsites everywhere, from landscaping to demolition to excavation projects. With all the different sizes, options and configurations, how do you find the machine that’s right for you? Consider these factors to get started.

Easy access makes for easy maintenance

How Easy Access Means Easy Excavator Maintenance

Selecting an excavator that provides easy access to engine components and routine maintenance items is important for cutting down on service time. See how it helps you keep your excavator in good working order so you can reduce operating costs and stay profitable.


4 Jobs the Bobcat Pro Clamp System™ Does Better

Go beyond the capabilities of a typical excavator clamp attachment with the Pro Clamp™ system from Bobcat Company. The advanced system allows you to perform demolition or tear-out work, create smooth trench bottoms, clean up spoil piles and install or repair utilities.

Infographic detailing the different sections of a mini excavator

Know the Basics: Compact Excavator 101

Introduced to North America in the mid ‘80s, mini excavators are known for their reduced size and impressive versatility. Learn all you need to know about this popular piece of equipment with our mini excavator breakdown.

To minimize the risk of equipment loss from your jobsite it is important to post no trespassing signs and install chain-link fences.

How to reduce compact equipment theft

Despite ongoing efforts by construction firms and law enforcement, the number of equipment theft reports in the United States continues to grow. There are several steps you and your operators can take to reduce construction equipment theft from your jobsites. Learn how.

A Bobcat E85 compact excavator lifts a full bucket of dirt at a jobsite.

4 Benefits of Larger Excavators

Don’t let the term “compact excavator” – also known as a mini excavator – fool you. The Bobcat E85 compact excavator is small in size but big on power. As the largest excavator in our equipment lineup, it delivers heavy lifting and digging capabilities, while its compact size offers better maneuverability and mobility. See how the E85 can benefit you and your operation.

Operator unloads an R-Series E35 compact excavator off of a trailer.

How to properly transport your compact excavator

Transporting your compact excavator to and from the jobsite is no small feat. But it’s time well-spent. Using the right-sized trailer as well as correctly loading, positioning and securing your equipment can help you protect your investment as well as reduce the risk of load violations while on the road.

Bobcat E35 compact excavator undercarriage

6 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Undercarriage

Is improper maintenance shortening the life of your compact loader or excavator undercarriage? Follow these tips to keep the hardest working part of your equipment running strong for years to come.


How to Safely Lift and Move Loads With an Excavator

Other than digging, one of the most frequent jobs performed by hydraulic excavators is lifting. Understanding your machine’s lifting capacity helps you to lift and move loads safely, and knowing what to check before you lift can help prevent injuries and downtime.


3 Jobs You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Your Compact Excavator

Compact excavators are great at what they’re built for — digging in confined spaces. But you may not know they perform a wide variety of tasks beyond excavation. Paired with the right attachments and a coupler system that allows for quick and easy exchanges, here are three.....


Leasing Lowers Payments, Saves Money for Excavating Company

Leasing compact equipment is growing in popularity and can be an affordable option to traditional financing or buying compact equipment outright. Imperial Excavating is an established excavating company that has found success through the Bobcat PowerLease finance program offered.....

Ronald Cline

Why Utility Contractor Chooses Compact Excavator

For someone who says he quit learning in seventh grade, Ronald Cline certainly knows plenty about being a successful utility contractor. After 28 years in the business, he’s figured out what’s.....

Scott Wiese with a Bobcat Excavator

Making Quick Work Of Utility Projects

After the first 30 minutes, Scott Wiese was already comfortable operating his newest Bobcat® excavator — a mighty E85 — complementing a much smaller Zero Rail Swing 418. He had a good feel for what the smooth, powerful machine could do. Within a few days he was producing results.....

Rocky Wisley with Bobcat excavator

6 Measures of Compact Excavator Excellence

After almost a decade of operating compact excavators — either belonging to a former employer or rented — Rocky Wisley’s young company had enough business to purchase its own machine in 2012.....

Honc Marine Contracting

Reaching Beyond Seawalls

When the last recession hit, Honc Marine Contracting was strong enough to withstand a couple of lackluster years. Unfortunately, the bad economy continued for seven.....

Rotten Rock Hardscaping and Tree Service Inc.

Turning a Part-time Job into a Full-time Passion

With an unusual company name and one of the owners working 7,000 miles away half of the year, Rotten Rock Hardscaping and Tree Service Inc. is riding a five-year growth rate of 50 percent annually. The owners are doing it in a thoroughly modern way — relying heavily.....

Excavator checklist

Cold Weather 101 Checklist

Ongoing improvements to engines and diesel fuel have helped reduce emissions and contributed to cleaner air. Today, we have cleaner and more efficient diesel engines in Bobcat® compact equipment. The High-Pressure Common-Rail (HPCR) technology used on our larger engines uses.....

Cab comfort.

The Secrets to Unmatched Compact Excavator Comfort

Durability. Reliability. Versatility. Of course, those are priorities when choosing a compact excavator to improve your productivity. But comfort? For some, it’s last on the list, but should be a priority.

Interpreting specs

Interpreting the Specs to Find the Right Compact Excavator

When it comes to compact excavators, you’ll find that nearly all of the key specifications relate to the machine’s size, power or performance. Here, we’ll break down a spec sheet to help you find the best compact excavator to fit your needs.

Excavator checklist

Top 7 Things to Look for When You Demo a Compact Excavator

So you’ve read the manufacturer’s literature, visited their website and pored over machine specs. Now, you’re at the dealership and ready to demo compact excavators. While you’re digging, pushing and lifting, what should you be paying.....


Advanced Hydraulics Help Power Compact Excavators

The most important way to determine an excavator’s performance is to feel the balance between the hydraulic system and the engine horsepower. It’s the guts that determines the true performance.....

Excavator Q & A

Excavator Q&A: How to Choose the Right Bucket

When you’re in the market for a compact excavator, the bucket is an important consideration. Compact excavator buckets come in a variety of sizes — choosing which is best for your environment and application can improve your machine’s performance and your productivity. So how do you find the bucket.....