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Attachments / Ballast Box - Compact Tractors

Ballast Box (Compact Tractors)

Bobcat compact tractor with 3-point ballast box.

Maximum lifting capacities of tractor loaders cannot be achieved safely or efficiently without properly ballasting the rear of the tractor. The tractor ballast box is easily removed when other implements are to be used. Its compact size enables convenient storage when not in use.

How The Rear Ballast Box Implement Works

The rear ballast box protects your tractor from tipping and improves traction by balancing the weight of your tractor.

Rear Ballast Box Features

  • Category 1 3-Point Hitch: The rear ballast box is essential when you need maximum lifting capacity.  A 3-point hitch is used to attach your rear ballast box implement to your tractor. An adjustable top link is centered above two 2 lower link arms, comprising the three points. The 3-point ballast box quickly and easily attaches with connecting pins at each point.
  • Use multiple materials to add the necessary weight to increase lift capacity and traction.


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