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Attachments / Mid-Mount Mower - Compact Tractors

Mid-Mount Mower (Compact Tractors)

Mid-mount mower attachment for Bobcat compact tractors.

Bobcat® mid-mount mower decks turn your Bobcat compact tractor into a mowing powerhouse, cutting grass in areas where maneuverability is tight.

The drive-over deck is easy to quickly attach and remove. The mower features three blades and a 60-inch cutting width to make quick work of large lawns. You can adjust the cutting height from 1 to 4 inches.

The mid-mount mower is powered by the mid PTO (power take-off), a secondary PTO that’s optional on some Bobcat tractor models. This PTO is mounted in the middle of the tractor.

How A Mid Mount Mower Works

Simply drive over the mower deck, attach the mid PTO to the deck and secure the pins to keep the attachment secure.

Things You Can Do With A Mid-Mount Mower

  • The mid-mount mower enables you to mow large areas with ease using your compact tractor.
  • Cut grass in areas where maneuverability is tight.

Mid-Mount Mower Features

  • Rugged Drive-Over Deck: Reinforced 10-Gauge Steel Deck.
  • Compatible With Front-End Loader and Backhoe Attachment: With a mid PTO, you have the option of combining three tools on one machine – one in back, one in front and your mid-mount mower.
  • Mid PTO Required
  • Side Discharge

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