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T76 Compact Track Loader / Performance Features

Redesigned Bobcat Engine – Loaders

R-Series loaders feature a Bobcat® engine. An efficient design provides the performance you need while reducing and simplifying routine maintenance. Thanks to an innovative new fuel system, low fuel levels are more forgiving for busy operators. The engine also improves cold-weather operation and includes a variety of features that make maintenance and service more convenient.

Non-DPF Tier 4 Solution

R-Series Skid-Steer Loader With Tier 4 Engine

When Tier 4 emissions standards required every equipment manufacturer to make equipment changes, Bobcat designed a non-DPF Tier 4 solution that also delivers new features and provides more performance to customers. It reduces downtime that occurs with DPF regeneration and long-term DPF maintenance costs.

Fuel Module

Compact Track Loader Clearing Brush

The fuel module on the Bobcat engine enables you to capture more useable fuel from every tankful. Inside the module is a Venturi pump that draws fuel out of the tank, even when the fuel level is very low. This not only extends your productivity per tank, it improves your ability to work on slopes when the tank gets low.

Inline Engine

R-Series loaders feature an inline engine design and a durable direct-drive system that ensures high performance in a compact machine profile. The inline engine and direct-drive system deliver the durability and other characteristics necessary to accommodate new levels of performance required on today’s jobsites.

More Torque

Higher combustion pressures generate more torque. Bobcat engines on R-Series loaders have a robust combustion chamber that handles more pressure and produces more torque than ever before – resulting in better performance for pushing, digging, lifting and operating attachments.

Wider Range of Power

Bobcat engines generate the most torque across a much wider rpm range than other engines. They can stay in the peak torque range longer, maximizing your performance. Operators of every skill level can better utilize full engine performance to get more work done.