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Loaders / Uptime Protection Features

Improved Engine Uptime – Loaders

Bobcat S76 Skid-Steer Loader with nitrogen braker attachment.

Redesigned for R-Series loaders, the Bobcat® engine offers a fuel filter pressure sensor, an improved fuel recirculation valve, and other features that improve your efficiency and uptime.

Machine Protection

Bobcat R-Series loaders monitor engine and hydraulic functions. If conditions risk damage to the engine or hydraulic components, the system will alert the operator and, if necessary, de-rate engine power as well as hydraulic flow. It still allows the operator to complete the job at hand or move the loader to an area for diagnosis.

Simple, State of the Art and non-DPF

The biggest advantage of our Tier 4 solution is simplicity. Bobcat engines meet Tier 4 regulations without a diesel particulate filter (DPF). This reduces downtime that occurs with DPF regeneration and long-term DPF maintenance costs, allowing operators to focus on working.

Improved Fuel Recirculation Valve

You still work hard when it’s cold, and your loader should too. An improved fuel recirculation valve returns warm fuel to the lift pump to reduce fuel gelling issues. It works better than an electric heater, keeping you running in frigid conditions and greatly improving cold-weather performance.

Efficient Fuel Tank Vent Filter

Vented tank caps can get clogged with debris and damage your fuel tank. R-Series loaders prevent this issue by locating the vent filter on the fuel tank itself. This filter performs at 99 percent efficiency, filtering debris down to 10 microns to provide superior cleanliness and component life.

Fuel Filter Pressure Sensor

If the fuel filter is plugged or reaching the end of its service life (or if there is an issue with the low-pressure fuel system), a convenient display indicator lets the operator know. You and your staff can be more aware of service needs to protect equipment uptime.