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Remote Control – Loaders

Bobcat Company is always on the leading edge of innovation. All loaders equipped with Selectable Joystick Control can be operated by the remote control system. Bobcat Company was the first manufacturer to introduce a way to operate your compact equipment without needing an operator in the cab. This may be beneficial to people operating in certain environments that are harsh or toxic, or for people who would rather work outside the machine.

Bobcat Remote Control Transmitter For Compact Loaders

Completely Portable

The remote control is completely portable. If you have multiple machines, you can quickly remove the remote from one machine and attach it to another in minutes.

Photo Of Operator Using Remote Control Transmitter

Built for Harsh Environments

The sealed and protected electronics can withstand the harshest environments. The remote controls and receiver use the same proven technology that is used every day in the tough concrete pumping industry. If the system can withstand the abuses of concrete pumping, it can withstand the abuses of just about any environment.

Jobsite Application


For work that often requires two people, such as using an asphalt planer, remote control can be immeasurably helpful. One person can guide the placement of the attachment using hand signals, while the other can operate the loader.


In demolition environments with poor air quality and distracting noise, the remote loader control system gives you the ability to do your work from a distance where you’re free from dirt, dust and noise.

Hazardous Situations

On jobsites like shipping yards, nuclear power plants, chemical plants, foundries, mines and other difficult environments, radio remote control gives you the ability to send your machine into situations that require special safety precautions.

Feature Details

Bobcat Compact Loader Remote Control System

Included Components

  • Transmitter: Supported with adjustable shoulder strap with guard bar and tethered manual attached
  • Receiver: Installs on top of the loader's cab and has amber/green strobe lights and horns
  • Control Mode Selector/Emergency Stop-Box: Installs on top of the tailgate
  • Battery and battery charger, remote-ready identification tag to indicate that loader can be operated remotely, carrying case and Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manual tethered to the transmitter
Operator Training Materials

Safety & Training Resources

The operator training course is designed to share rules and practices for the safe operation of the Bobcat loader radio remote control. Using video presentations, classroom exercises and hands-on operation, the course is designed to acquaint trainees with safe and efficient operation, which will ultimately lead to greater productivity.