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T770 Compact Track Loader / Performance Features

Superior Lift Arms – Loaders

Lift arms on Bobcat® loaders are engineered rigidity, hose protection, and durability. This patented lift-arm design offers productivity you can count on every day. And with both vertical-lift-path and radius-lift-path options, you can pick the style that’s matched to the work you do.

Vertical Lift Path

Bobcat compact track loader with vertical lift path.

A loader with a vertical-lift design is a better match if you use the machine to load dump trucks. You’ll be more efficient, since you can dump material into the center of the truck. You can continually load the truck from only one side, instead of spending more time loading from each side of the truck.

With a vertical-lift path machine, the load stays closer to the machine throughout the lift path. A vertical lift loader can safely lift more than a loader with a radius lift path. The weight remains closer to the machine's center of gravity, giving a vertical-lift machine a larger tip capacity. Therefore, a comparable vertical-lift machine with a higher ROC makes it ideal for placing pallets, especially those loaded with heavy materials such as bricks or blocks.

On the Bobcat vertical-lift design, the loader arm will not extend past the rear of the machine during the lift cycle. With some competitor machines, the lift linkage extends beyond the rear of the machine when lift arms are raised. If you work in a confined area, this could potentially cause damage to the machine or property.

Radius Lift Path

Bobcat compact track loader with radius lift path.

Radius lift path provides maximum reach at truck bed height. Arm movement forms an arc. More than 80% of that arc delivers better reach at truck bed height. A radius lift path excels in jobs at mid-range heights, like dumping over a wall, backfilling or unloading flatbed trucks.

If you spend a lot of time digging and excavating, a radius lift path may be a good match. A radius-lift-path loader will keep better outward pressure on the bucket when the lift arms are completely lowered, and the machine will perform better when digging in different soil conditions.

The radius-lift-path loader provides the greatest reach advantages from the operator's eye level and down while sitting in the seat of the machine. A radius-lift loader has fewer greased pin locations than vertical-lift path loaders, resulting in fewer potential wear locations and reduced maintenance needs.

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How to Choose the Right Lift Arm Configuration

Bobcat Company offers two lift arm styles for its loaders to meet your daily challenges. Compare lift arm designs and choose the configuration that matches your lifting needs.