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The Best Oil Filters for Your Bobcat Equipment & Machines

Routine oil and oil filter changes don’t require a lot of time or effort, but they’re critical to keeping your compact equipment in top working condition. Sticking to the recommended schedule for oil and oil filter changes will help ensure that the internal components of your engine remain clean and properly lubricated.  

Engine oil breaks down over time, becoming increasingly less effective at protecting your internal components from friction, heat and wear. Timely oil changes will protect your engine’s health and reduce the risk of expensive repairs and downtime while also extending the life of your machine.  

Most compact equipment manufacturers recommend an initial engine oil change after the break-in period followed by set intervals, typically between 100 hours and 250 hours. Always refer to the owner’s manual for specific intervals. 

Bobcat Oil Filters: Unmatched Quality and Performance 

Genuine Bobcat oil filters are specifically designed for Bobcat machines and the challenging conditions Bobcat equipment owners and operators power through every day.  

Choosing Genuine Bobcat filters for your equipment not only ensures the best possible filtration but also provides peace of mind. These filters are designed to deliver the best protection for your engine, extend its life, and maintain maximum performance. 

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There’s no comparison to the quality and performance of Bobcat oil filters. Take a look inside and you’ll see that they’re made to keep Bobcat machines running longer. 

Bobcat Oil Filters vs. Others

A Thicker, More Durable Canister

Our filters are Bobcat tough, starting with a thicker metal housing which provides superior durability. Many other filters are constructed with thinner housings that are more susceptible to failures under pressure.

Heavy-Duty Springs

The heavy-duty internal springs in Bobcat oil filters hold the filter cartridge firmly in place for optimal flow and filtration. Weaker springs found in other filters are more susceptible to breaks.

High-Quality Filter Media

The filter media in Bobcat oil filters is thicker with uniform pleating to ensure efficient filtration. Other brands often lack consistency in the construction of their filter media and the media is thinner, which limits the filter’s holding capacity and product life. Contaminants are the enemy of your equipment’s internal systems. Poor filtration can allow contaminants to enter your internal systems causing vital parts failure and expensive repairs. Protect your investment with Genuine Bobcat quality filters specifically designed to provide leading protection in tough conditions. 

Specially Engineered Internal Bypass

The internal bypass value on Bobcat oil filters features a specially engineered, pressed-board seal. The valve is designed to open when the oil filter becomes clogged or if the oil is too thick. This allows the oil to bypass the filter through a center tube. The oil then goes straight to the engine to prevent starvation and damage.

One-Piece Seal

Bobcat oil filters feature a wide, one-piece seal that provides maximum coverage area to protect against leaks. Some filters are manufactured with a seal that’s made with more than one piece or the seal is also intended to serve as a bypass. These designs create more opportunities for leaks.

Optimum Filter Construction

Bobcat filters are manufactured with filter media deeply embedded within the end caps and firmly secured with plastisol.  The louvered inner liner allows maximum flow and minimum restriction. Some competitive brands use glue to adhere the media to paper end caps without a ledge, making the filter susceptible to moisture and leakage. Limited inner liner flow can cause undo restriction.

Improved Inlet Flow

Bobcat filters feature a large number of inlet holes for better flow. They also have deep thread engagements for a secure fit. Some brands are designed with smaller and fewer inlet holes that can restrict flow and cause pressure fluctuations.  Brands that provide less thread engagement may cause the filter to be easily stripped off or allow leaks.

Generic Oil Filters: Use at Your Own Risk 

Using subpar or generic filters in your Bobcat equipment can pose significant risks. That’s because other filters are often not designed for Bobcat equipment or to withstand the demanding jobsite conditions that Bobcat equipment owners and operators regularly encounter.  

Bobcat oil filters undergo rigorous testing, and the manufacturing process includes stringent quality control measures to ensure that Bobcat filters consistently meet the highest standards and deliver exceptional performance and reliability.  

With a wide range of filters designed for all Bobcat equipment models, you have access to filters specifically engineered for your Bobcat machine. Don't compromise on the quality and reliability of your equipment by settling for subpar filters. By using Bobcat filters, you can maintain the integrity of your equipment and maximize uptime, ultimately saving time and money on costly repairs.

Purchase The Best Way for You 

Your local Bobcat Dealer typically has a variety of Genuine Bobcat filters in stock and expert parts staff to help you get stocked up or back to work. You can find your local Bobcat Dealer here.  

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