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How to Choose Bobcat Bristles & Wafer Brushes for Sweepers & Brooms

Published on January 4, 2023

Manufactured to meet Bobcat’s high standards, Bobcat bristles are specifically designed to be extremely durable, long lasting and offer more usage hours between easy changeouts. Bobcat bristles are ideal for attacking tough asphalt, snow, gravel, mill grind, clay, mud and other road debris. Bristles can be purchased at your local dealer or by shopping online.

Choosing the Right Bobcat Bristle for Sweeping Conditions

Bobcat offers multiple bristle wafer options to offer more versatility and meet your sweeping needs. The heavy duty, standard duty, poly, steel wire, and poly/wire combo bristle options are designed to suit various sweeping conditions and requirements.

Bristle wafers are available in two main styles: convoluted and flat. Convoluted wafers have a wavy ring and, when aligned correctly, do not need a spacer. Flat wafers have a flat ring and typically mount with a spacer between each wafer. Download Our Bristles Buying Guide

Heavy Duty (Best)

Flat, Conical & Convoluted

Durable, long-lasting and high-quality virgin polypropylene (poly) resin provides excellent flick action and more rigid work action to the ground under normal sweeping conditions. These bristles contain 15% more poly than standard bristles to handle more aggressive applications. Ideal for all sweeping surfaces.

Standard Duty (Better)

Flat & Convoluted

Standard poly resin bristles provide a high level of flick action rigidity for great performance and long life. Effective debris removal under normal to severe sweeping conditions.

Poly (Good)

Flat & Convoluted

Durable poly bristles with rigidity for performance and long life. Effective debris removal under normal sweeping conditions.

Steel Wire


Corrosion- and rust-resistant flexible spring steel wire with an aggressive and abrasive cutting action without brittleness. Steel wire bristles are ideal when more action is needed to cut through heavy millings or a mud-packed road. Wire wafers are never used alone, but in conjunction with poly bristle wafers.

Poly/Wire Combo


Poly and wire bristles on one wafer combine the flicking action of poly bristles with the aggressive ability of wire bristles. These bristles contain 0.028 in. (0.071 cm) thick spring steel for aggressive sweeping action without brittleness. Ideal for all sweeping conditions.

Bristles Buying Guide

Learn about choosing the best Bobcat bristles for your sweeping conditions.