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4 Benefits of Larger Excavators

Published on May 22, 2019

Traditionally known for their digging prowess, compact excavators – also known as a mini excavators – have become a valuable addition to every equipment lineup. These machines take advantage of distinct features to deliver maneuverability, power, lift capacity, versatility and reach. But, there are times you may need a mini excavator that can dig deeper and lift larger loads to help you meet bid requirements and win bigger infrastructure projects. That’s where the Bobcat E88 compact excavator comes in handy.

As the largest excavator in our compact equipment lineup, you’ll have a serious digging machine that can handle demanding road, utility, demolition and site preparation jobs. Let’s take a look at how this machine can benefit you and your business.

More Power and Performance

Don’t let the term mini excavator fool you; these are serious digging machines. The Bobcat E88 leads the competition in digging capacity and depth. With powerful hydraulics and fast cycle times, this machine has the power to push through your toughest projects.

More power means more production, and more production means more profit. The 65-horsepower Bobcat turbo-charged diesel engine will help you dig deeper and faster, and without the extra cost and time associated with regeneration or DEF requirements. 

Access to Tighter Spaces

With jobsites getting tighter, you likely are looking for a solution to access confined spaces while still delivering the power to get the job done efficiently.

With only 13 inches of tail overhang, the E88 can work in crowded environments, including construction, landscaping, utilities, rental and agriculture. The mini excavator’s boom swing frame stays within the width of the machine’s tracks as it swings, making it easier to perform in confined jobsite conditions and next to buildings or other obstructions where larger equipment can’t fit.

The E88 can work around obstacles so you don’t lose time repositioning the machine. It can give you the confidence to complete jobs that other construction equipment and landscaping machines simply can’t do or where they can’t go. 

Easy to Transport

Just like other compact excavators, the size and lower cab height of the E88 makes it easy to transport from jobsite to jobsite. Trailers are an efficient way to transport your mini excavator and a wide variety of attachments often in one trip, helping you avoid using multiple vehicles to move equipment and attachments.

All states and local municipalities have regulations based on gross vehicle weight rating. Load ratings vary in each state, so always check federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding weight, width, length and height of a load before transporting your machine. Special approvals or permits may be required for oversize loads along your planned route.

Largest Selection of Attachments

When paired with the industry’s largest selection of attachments, the E88 can perform a variety of tasks beyond excavation such as loading, compacting, grading, clearing land and drilling holes. 

Change attachments quickly without leaving the cab with the optional hydraulic pin grabber attachment system. Attach and disengage a variety of attachments easily and quickly using controls on the joystick and within the cab to increase uptime and productivity. It also makes it possible to attach a larger hydraulic clamp or breaker for heavy-duty demolition or other material-handling jobs. Increasing the scope of projects that can be completed also increases your revenue potential.

Mini excavators are a versatile solution when working in tight spaces while still delivering the power to get the job done efficiently. The next time you have a challenging job that requires big power but can’t fit a big machine, consider the E88 compact excavator. Learn more about selecting the right compact excavator size or contact your Bobcat dealer.