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Used Forklifts: The Dirty Truth.

Published on January 24, 2024

Let's a look at the world of used forklifts to in order to determine who might be a good candidate for the purchase of a used forklift. We will also be answering questions such as: How to spot quality used lift trucks and how to spot dishonest fork truck dealers.  

What Type of Business Can Benefit From a Used Forklift?

Any business that is looking to run their forklift less than 40 hours a week could be a good fit for a used reach truck. Used lift trucks are also a good fit for businesses that do not have a large amount of money set aside for the purchase of a new truck, or those who are not interested in going through the process of financing a new forklift.  

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for a Used Lift Truck?

There are many different types of forklifts available on the market and each kind has its price point. Keep in mind that depending on the accessories and functions you are looking for prices can vary widely.

Because forklifts hold their value extremely well, you can expect to pay approximately 75% of the original cost for a used forklift. However, during times of scarcity, this price can average as high as 85%. Keep an eye on the current market and average asking price to make sure that you are not paying too much for your used fork truck.  

What Should I Keep In Mind Before Purchasing Used Forklifts?

No particular industry is better than another when it comes to utilizing new or used forklifts, but keep the following suggestions to keep in mind before you make your purchasing decision:   

  • Companies that require their lifting equipment to run outside should probably invest in new equipment. 
  • Do not purchase used equipment if you plan to work on a construction site. 
  • Used lift trucks are often not eligible for normal service contracts or warranties.  
  • The cost of servicing older equipment can quickly outpace the upfront savings. 
  • Always take a mechanic with you to evaluate any equipment before purchase.  
  • Remember that forklifts use hours in place of miles driven. Understand what are considered typical hours in use for any used forklift you are considering. 

What Questions Do You Have About Buying Used Fork Lifts?

Did we answer all of your questions regarding purchasing used forklifts? Contact your local authorized Bobcat Material Handling dealer for more details.