Lifting Grounds Maintenance Productivity With Small Articulated Loaders

Grounds maintenance professionals perform a wide variety of tasks. Whether it’s handling dirt, mulch, brush and other materials throughout the day or navigating tight areas where maintenance and repairs are needed – good groundskeeping demands versatile and powerful equipment.   

Perhaps this is why many in the grounds maintenance profession are looking to small articulated loaders. These versatile machines excel in a grounds maintenance setting and offer numerous advantages over large machines or a shop full of expensive, dedicated equipment.   

Specifically, the L28 and L23 small articulated loaders from Bobcat have proven to be highly effective and efficient machines for a grounds maintenance fleet. Let's explore why small articulated loaders can take your grounds maintenance productivity to new levels. 

Grounds Maintenance Equipment Advantages  

Grounds maintenance is a diverse field that includes a wide range of tasks. On any given day, you could be mowing, landscaping, removing snow or material handling – and it’s entirely likely you will tackle two or more of these jobs in a single day. Small articulated loaders are perfect grounds maintenance machines for several reasons:   


The compact design and tight turning ability of small articulated loaders allow you to take productive horsepower to tight spaces and challenging terrains. This maneuverability is especially valuable in urban environments, parks and other confined areas where you may not have room for larger equipment. With an extensive lineup of Bobcat® attachments available, you can use the small articulated loader for countless jobs and avoid having multiple pieces of equipment taking up space on the jobsite.  

Minimal Ground Disturbance:

Small articulated loaders have two drive modes to optimize performance: turf-safe mode and high-traction mode. Turf-safe mode minimizes ground disturbance by allowing all four tires to turn independently as you maneuver the machine. High-traction mode engages when the steering wheel is held steady, and all four wheels travel at the same speed for maximum traction.  

The turf-safe mode of Bobcat small articulated loaders – along with their turf-friendly tires and smooth articulated turning – make these machines ideal for maintaining delicate landscapes, golf courses and sports fields, where it’s essential to avoid damaging grass and other finished surfaces. 

Operator Comfort:

Grounds maintenance professionals work hard, and all-day comfort is essential for staying productive and focused on the job. Equipment that’s comfortable to use helps employees stay satisfied while they work and keeps them on staff for longer periods of time. Bobcat small articulated loaders provide a smooth ride, and they have a roomy cab with ergonomic controls that contribute to less operator fatigue. The level of comfort you’ll find in a Bobcat small articulated loader is surprising for a machine of this size.  

Multitasking, Multi-Attachment Versatility  

The versatility of these machines might be the top reason why a small articulated loader belongs in your grounds maintenance fleet. The Bobcat L28 and L23 are capable of handling multiple tasks with the use of a variety of attachments. From bucket work to snow blowing, small articulated loaders quickly adapt to your day’s demands.  

With the right selection of attachments – supplemented by an occasional attachment rental from your Bobcat dealer – you can enhance your small loader’s capabilities for an array of tasks that’s virtually endless.    


The standard bucket attachment is perfect for material handling, such as moving soil, mulch, gravel or debris. It is indispensable for landscaping projects and general grounds maintenance work.  

Brushcat Rotary Cutter:

The Brushcat™ Rotary Cutter is designed for clearing overgrown areas, brush and small trees. It is an excellent tool for reducing unwanted vegetation or clearing land to prepare for new construction.  

Angle Broom:

The Bobcat angle broom attachment is ideal for sweeping debris, leaves and snow from walkways, parking lots and other paved surfaces. It saves hours of time when keeping properties clean throughout the year. 


The sweeper attachment is ideal for collecting fine debris, sand, small rocks and other material from surfaces like asphalt, concrete and synthetic turf.   


In regions with snowy winters, the snowblower attachment is indispensable. It allows your small articulated loader to clear snow from sidewalks, paths, small parking lots and other areas efficiently.   

Versatility With Bobcat Attachment Systems

 Small articulated loaders are compatible with these and many more attachments, thanks to the Bob-Tach® attachment mounting system and the optional Power Bob-Tach system. These features allow you to switch attachments in minutes or less, and the pressure-release quick couplers allow for easy hookup and removal of auxiliary hydraulic hoses. The intuitive joystick control allows you to confidently use the attachment without looking away from your work. A telescoping lift arm on the L28 small articulated loader gives you extra reach for dumping material over tall bins, trucks or walls.   

Small articulated loaders, like the Bobcat L28 and L23 models, make an excellent investment for facilities with extensive grounds to maintain, and they are sure to make grounds maintenance and landscaping contractors more productive. Their maneuverability, turf-friendly features, comfort and versatility set them apart, and their attachment versatility can make you a multitasking master. Check out the L28 and L23 in greater detail or see them up close at your Bobcat dealer.