Top Attachments of Mini Track Loaders in Landscaping, Grounds Maintenance & Forestry

If you’ve ever shoveled loads of mulch in your yard or tried to cut through small trees with a regular mower, you know there’s got to be an easier way to attack challenging landscaping, grounds maintenance, and forestry tasks. One solution is as versatile as it is indispensable: a Bobcat® mini track loader. In fact, these incredible machines can save more time and effort than you can even imagine.  

Plus, with so many attachments available for landscaping, grounds maintenance, and forestry situations, these small but mighty machines provide you with a tool to use from the beginning of a project right to the end.  

Tackle Big Jobs in All Conditions

Bobcat mini track loaders are highly maneuverable and can get into tight forested areas where larger machines won’t fit. They’re narrow enough to pass through gates and get into fenced yards where the only other option may have been a wheelbarrow and manual labor. Turf and other established landscaping areas are less likely to be damaged thanks to the machines low ground pressure.

Change Attachments and Cut the Job Down to Size

The Bobcat family of attachments makes your job-specific landscaping, grounds maintenance, and forestry challenges easier, whether its digging, trenching, tilling or moving material. The Bobcat MT100 is compatible with 24 different attachments. Here are just a few that help turn a single mini track loader into your “do-it-all” forestry and landscaping machine.

Angle Broom 

Sidewalk and driveway maintenance can be an easy task. The angle broom can efficiently sweep and clean with the hydraulically driven heavy-duty broom bristles that create a cleaner path and sweep more snow or debris in one pass.

Log Grapple   

This free-hanging, 56-inch attachment has enough brute strength and agility to collect trees and brush, or load logs on trailers. An integrated tree pusher helps you direct falling timber, and the heavy-duty grapple teeth stabilize logs while working.  


Lift and move loose materials, such as wood scraps, branches and brush. The grapple attachment is made specifically for your Bobcat mini track loader. 

Stump Grinder  

An absolute necessity when tree stumps are in your way. Grind stumps effortlessly into a rich mulch that promotes new growth. This front-mounted attachment offers easy maneuverability and visibility. 

Brushcat Rotary Cutter 

Our Brushcat™ rotary cutter attachment allows you to cleanly cut brush on uneven terrain. Its short deck design reduces weight, increases visibility and allows for tighter turning in small spaces.

Pallet Fork  

Built to move bulky and palletized materials quickly and easily, the pallet fork and its adjustable tines can take on the lifting, loading and carrying of sod, bags of seed, or palletized plants and trees.    


Quickly turn hard ground and rough turf into a beautiful soil bed with the tiller attachment. Built with double-edge tines that tear through clumps and hardened materials, it quickly prepares land for planting. Top- and under-cutting become much easier with its bi-directional operation. 

Boring Unit  

Easily install underground cables or flexible pipes, even under paved surfaces. This attachment lets you bore up to 2 feet deep and 30 feet horizontally. Side shift allows operation next to trees, landscape features and other obstacles.  

Soil Conditioner  

A versatile, cost-effective attachment, the soil conditioner levels and fills low areas in fewer passes to prepare dirt for planting. Its carbide-tipped teeth easily rip through clumps while penetrating the ground. Chains and sprockets are eliminated thanks to its easy-to-maintain direct drive hydraulic motor.  


Ideal for grading and leveling applications as well as material handling, this bucket’s long bottom improves capacity and visibility to the cutting edge.  


One of our most popular attachments, use an auger to dig holes with speed and plumb-line accuracy. Bobcat augers offer multiple bit types and teeth to match your digging conditions.  

With Bobcat, landscaping and forestry challenges can be so much easier. For more details on Bobcat mini track loaders and attachments designed specifically for landscaping and forestry work, check them out at your local Bobcat dealer or at .