Performance Features Give Toolcat Utility Work Machines the Edge

Published on September 23, 2015

Four-wheel drive, power management, cruise control and a variety of other performance features make Toolcat™ utility work machines the go-anywhere, do-anything addition to your equipment lineup.


A special hydrostatic transmission gives the ToolcatUW56 and UW53 high axle torque, simple shifting and excellent speed control. The high axle torque, coupled with four-wheel drive, gives you plenty of power for filling buckets, pulling heavy implements and trailers, and pushing large amounts of material. 

You can shift between low and high range on-the-fly and while under power, so you’re always in the right gear. There are two speed ranges – 0 to 9 miles per hour for low range, and 0 to 18 miles per hour for transport speed, letting you  travel between jobsites quickly and efficiently. 

The system works with one hydrostatic pump powering two drive motors, mounted to the limited slip differentials on the front and rear axles of the machine. This provides constant torque to all four wheels at all times for maximum traction. 

With limited slip differentials in both the front and the rear, the Hydrostatic Traction Control (HTC) drive system automatically manages the torque split between the high-traction and low-traction tires. If one wheel loses tractive effort, HTC ensures the wheel with the most traction maintains the most torque – without the need to engage any locks, buttons or levers. 

Drive through tough conditions without worry 

Snow, ice, loose gravel or dirt. They can’t slow you down in a Toolcat utility work machine. A one-of-a-kind drivetrain includes four-wheel drive, horsepower management and Hydrostatic Traction Control – so you never have to back down when the road gets rough. 

Four-wheel drive 

The first of the many innovations in the Toolcat UW56 and UW53 is our exclusive hydrostatic four-wheel drive system. It delivers as much traction and torque as possible to power through snow or up an incline, while minimizing damage on turf. Together with front and rear tractive effort and all-wheel steering, the Toolcat utility work machine’s drivetrain provides the perfect balance of excellent traction, smooth turning, minimized tire wear and outstanding turf protection. 

Power when you need it 

When the machine encounters excess force, such as when mowing heavy brush, digging, tilling or working on a steep incline, Bobcat® Horsepower Management automatically makes the necessary adjustment to deliver maximum efficiency and productivity. This unique horsepower management feature automatically balances power between the attachment/implement and the drive system. When the machine encounters excess force, such as when mowing heavy brush, driving through sand, digging, tilling or working on a steep incline, it intuitively adjusts, keeping the attachment/implement performance and engine rpm constant as the vehicle travel speed slows. 

Cruise control 

Cruise control and the speedometer make it easy to repeat and hold the right speed for jobs such as mowing, spraying and spreading sand. Just set your speed and go. 

Minimize ground disturbance 

With some machines, you sacrifice ground disturbance to get tight-turning maneuverability. Each wheel of the Toolcat UW56 and UW53 moves separately through the turning arc and rolls smoothly through the turn. That means you won’t have to spend time re-installing sod or planting grass after the job is done. Different tire options also offer increased ground protection with the right balance of traction. 

Traditional off-road, full-time, four-wheel drive systems utilize locking differentials, which cause “binding” when turning. This negative feedback increases turf damage. HTC eliminates this four-wheel drive characteristic from the drivetrain, minimizing turf tear-out when working on grass. It also reduces wear on your tires and minimizes marks on asphalt or pavement. 


The Toolcat UW56 and UW53, with all-wheel-steer capabilities, offer the perfect balance of power and precision. Minimize tire wear while working on hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete, and minimize ground disturbance while working on soft, manicured surfaces like grass or turf. All-wheel steer, with four steerable axles, delivers a tighter turning radius than most ATVs, so you can maneuver in tight spaces without having to back up and reposition. The turning arc allows the outside wheels to rotate faster than the inside wheels for quick, effortless turns around trees, through tight corners, on sensitive ground and when maneuvering in and out of tiny workspaces like in barns or between buildings. Together with hydraulic power steering, maneuvering a Toolcat utility work machine is almost effortless. 

On the Toolcat UW56 or UW53, you can choose front-wheel steer for road travel or all-wheel steer when working in tight spaces or when aggressive steering is needed. On front-wheel steer only vehicles, they’re limited in confined areas because of their large turning radius. They have to back up, often several times, to change direction or make the turn. That’s why the all-wheel steer capabilities and tight turning radius are perfect for mowing around trees, pushing snow around tight corners, maneuvering through horse corrals and barn stalls, and turning in tight spaces. It saves you time and increases your productivity because you don’t have to back up and reposition with every trip. You can easily make the change from one steering mode to the other on the Toolcat utility work machine, and you don’t even have to leave the operator’s seat. Simply align the front and rear wheels using the AWS indicator lights, press the switch and away you go. 

There are so many unique features and benefits to the ToolcatUW56 and UW53. They are utility work machines that truly change the way you work. You’ll enjoy exceptional performance on the job. But, most of all, you’ll appreciate the versatility, maneuverability and ease-of-use.