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Why Advanced Toolcat Suspension Matters

Published on September 23, 2015

With advanced suspension technology, it’s no wonder how tough machines like the ToolcatUW56 and UW53 utility work machines can deliver such a smooth ride and outstanding performance on the job. 

Four-Wheel Independent Suspension

Toolcat™ utility work machines offer four-wheel independent suspension. That means that each wheel travels up and down independently, isolating the frame from changes in the terrain. This suspension system provides a smooth ride, even at top travel speeds. 

Four-wheel independent suspension also helps you get jobs done faster and more comfortably. The system uses A-frames, suspension coils, shocks and suspension stops to isolate the frame and all four wheels. Not only does this lead to more comfort, it also gives you maximum traction, attachment performance and turning performance. Here’s how each component enhances the machine’s performance: 


The control arms allow each wheel to travel up and down independently of each other and the frame – isolating the machine from changes in terrain and improving ride and attachment performance. 

Suspension Coil 

A coil spring at each wheel compresses and expands to help control up-and-down movement and maximize wheel-to-ground contact for maximum traction. 


Front and rear shocks absorb vibrations and help provide a smooth, comfortable ride. 

Suspension Stops 

Rubber suspension stops provide support at maximum lift or payload capacity. Each time you lift a heavy load in the front or carry a heavy load in the hydraulic dump cargo box, the rubber stops are engaged to provide needed support for the job at hand. 

Improved Attachment and Implement Performance

Because the frame of the machine is isolated from the wheels, it lessens the movement of the attachment in bumpy terrain. The added wheel-to-ground contact minimizes and absorbs the shock when traveling over uneven ground and when hitting holes and ruts. It reduces bounce, spillage and vibration when carrying materials, and keeps attachments/implements level and working at peak performance, especially on jobs that demand steady ground contact for maximum productivity, such as mowing and snow removal. 

Maximum Traction

When you hit a bump with a solid axle machine, the left and right tires will send the impact through the frame, which can cause your attachment or implement to lose ground contact and create a rough ride for the operator. With the four-wheel independent suspension system in the Toolcat utility work machines, impact from a bump is absorbed by the tires, shocks and springs. Because the frame is isolated from the wheels, the four-wheel independent suspension provides maximum ground contact, while the four-wheel drive gives you maximum traction so your machine and attachments/implements work more productively on uneven ground, and you feel more comfortable in the cab. 

When traveling over uneven ground, the longer wheelbase also allows the independent suspension of each tire more time to adjust between each impact. The ToolcatUW56 and UW53 have a longer wheelbase than most utility vehicles. It lessens the impact of bumps and dips, and more evenly distributes the weight of the machine. 

There are so many unique features and benefits to the ToolcatUW56 and UW53. They are utility work machines that truly change the way you work. You’ll enjoy exceptional performance on the job. But, most of all, you’ll appreciate the versatility, maneuverability and ease-of-use.