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How to Choose the Best Compact Tractor Tires for Your Work

Posted on January 27, 2020

With the proper tire for the task, compact tractors are the perfect machine for tackling your land’s toughest projects.

How to Choose the Best Compact Tractor Tires for Your Work

Powerful. Versatile. Easy-to-use. When fitted with the proper tires for the task, compact tractors are the perfect machine for maintaining your land. Choosing the correct tire for a specific job application not only improves the machine’s overall performance, it also increases productivity and reduces the potential for unwanted downtime. 

Selecting the right tire for your compact tractor helps boost your machine’s performance and also has the potential to increase your uptime and profitability. So, before you choose a compact tractor tire, consider all three tire options, the primary surfaces you’ll be working on and the work you’ll be doing.

Agricultural Tires

Maintaining an acreage takes the correct set of tools. Agricultural tractor tires are designed to take on the demanding tasks you face every day. The tire’s deep lug design makes this option perfect for working efficiently in soft soil and muddy conditions. This type of tire also offers excellent traction and self-cleaning capabilities while delivering more power to the ground for towing heavy loads or pulling implements. 

If you plan to use your tractor for jobs such as preparing soil for planting, hauling manure or clearing pastures, the agricultural tire is likely the best option for you.

Turf Tires

If you’re primarily working on lush lawns or established landscaping, turf tires are the ideal option for your compact tractor. Designed with less aggressive treads that minimize ground disturbance, these tires are the perfect fit for working efficiently while maintaining your surroundings. 

When paired with compact tractor attachments and implements, the turf tire makes it possible to mow, haul and tow landscaping materials with ease while avoiding ground disturbance.

Industrial Tires

Looking for the toughest compact tractor tire option available? Look no further. Industrial tires are built to withstand long wear and provide superior protection against punctures. With a wider tread than agricultural tires and deeper lugs than turf tires, this option is perfect for rough terrain or applications where punctures are more likely to occur. They also deliver excellent traction for all ground conditions and perform well in various applications. These uses include: grading roads, blowing snow and completing front-end loader work.

Find Your Compact Tractor Tire Type

Matching a tractor with the tire best suited for your environment or application helps support optimal tractor performance. Contact your dealer to find the ideal compact tractor tire for your property, ranch or farm. 

Bobcat tractor tire options from left to right: turf tire, industrial tire, agricultural tire