Our History

Bobcat Company was founded on innovation. Since the beginning, we’ve engineered machines that empower people to accomplish more. That focus is what kick-started our business in 1947 and what drives us forward today – innovating the best equipment, technology and services to help customers tackle their toughest jobs.

Inventing an Industry

There was a time when compact equipment didn’t exist. Machinery only came in one size: big. If you were trying to tackle a tough job in a small space, your only choice was a shovel and a wheelbarrow. There wasn’t anything that was both compact and powerful. 

However, brothers and blacksmiths Louis and Cyril Keller of Rothsay, Minnesota, were accustomed to building small machinery for farmers. Their custom equipment tended to fall in one of two categories: farm work or clearing snow. The brothers excelled in both areas – building plowshares for farmers as well as walk-behind and self-propelled snowblowers to take on tough Minnesota winters.

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