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Bobcat invented the compact equipment industry and we’ve been reinventing it ever since. We’re never done redefining what is possible and how you get work done because you need to keep forging ahead. Bobcat is with you, meeting your needs by driving the industry forward. We’re driven by a relentless passion to improve on the standards we set each day – with new equipment, smarter technologies and innovative solutions that help you accomplish more. 

You might not see the bold Bobcat-orange blood, sweat and tears we put into our machines, but you can surely put it to work. Our advanced, intelligent, durable designs and technologies are soaking in it, keeping you confident that today’s equipment investment can power your success for years to come.

Introducing RogueX2

Evolved: A concept machine in a category of its own.

This all-electric and autonomous concept machine produces zero emissions, features an electric drive system and electric actuated lift and tilt kinematics with no hydraulics. Built without a cab, it explores the idea of operating in locations that may not be suitable for traditional operation. Thus, allowing for more work in more places than ever before. RogueX2 is a second iteration of this Bobcat invention and was built as a next step to advance the Bobcat innovation roadmap, evaluate customer perceptions and challenge the paradigms of traditional kinematics and machine functionality. Designed with wheels to optimize the electric battery run time, RogueX2 features axial flux motors, which gives the machine incredible tractive effort. The machine delivers greater power output for the demanding, heavy-duty applications of today – and tomorrow.

Inventing for Tomorrow

Bobcat AT450X

Bobcat has unveiled the industry’s first autonomous and electric articulating tractor – the Bobcat AT450X enabled by Agtonomy. The Bobcat AT450X maximizes farmers' productivity and precision with embedded-computing AI technology that allows farmers to automate labor- and time-intensive tasks. This electric, zero-emission, autonomous machine leverages AI to constantly learn and respond to its environment. The AT450X can navigate on slopes with attachments following the ground contour for professional results in one pass. Operators can control the machine to operate autonomously, via advanced remote control or manually, across various terrains. Capable of 24/7 operation, the AT450X can swap batteries when it needs to replenish its energy source. It does this by returning to its home base when its battery is low, switching to a fully charged battery and placing its drained battery back to its charging station. Bobcat is accelerating the future of how work is done and a zero-emissions future. 

S7X All-Electric Skid-Steer Loader

The S7X and T7X are leading the compact equipment industry’s charge to an all-electric, emissions-free future. Since inventing the world’s first skid-steer loader more than 60 years ago, Bobcat Company has continued to develop leading innovations that move the equipment industry forward and redefine what is possible. With the Bobcat® T7X and S7X, the world’s first all-electric compact loader equipment, we’re inventing for the jobsites of tomorrow.

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ZT6200 Autonomous Zero-Turn Mower

Bobcat is accelerating its innovations in the landscaping and grounds maintenance industries with the Bobcat ZT6200 autonomous zero-turn mower. Designed to operate with software developed by Greenzie, the Bobcat ZT6200 leverages the toughness and capabilities Bobcat zero-turn mowers are known featuring an AirFX™ cutting deck, and specialized transaxles for reliable performance and ground speeds up to 12 mph. The autonomous mower features several innovative features to support customer productivity on the jobsite or in their backyard: Joystick Controls, Remote Operation, Autonomous Mowing, and Object Detection. The Bobcat ZT6200 autonomous zero-turn mower is in the development phase with plans to commercialize in the coming years.

Advanced Display Technology

Bobcat revolutionized the cab with a touch display. Now it’s inventing new ways to create an unparalleled cab experience for operators by exploring new concepts foradvanced, transparent touch display technology The latest heads-up display concept from Bobcat enables operators to look through display information to seamlessly view both the jobsite and operation information. The concept display can be positioned on the front windshield or on a cab side window on a variety of Bobcat machines, including compact excavators, telehandlers, and loaders. This display was designed to enhance operator productivity, focus and efficiency for the task at hand.


The first generation Bobcat RogueX closely resembles a track loader, but is a cabless concept machine that created a whole new genre of compact equipment. As jobsites change and operators turn to remote operation, Bobcat eliminated the operator station completely. Designed cab-free specifically for remote operation, RogueX goes beyond imagination by using advanced kinematics and providing vertical-path and radial-path lift capabilities in one machine. The all-electric and autonomous concept machine produces zero emissions and features a lithium-ion battery, electric drive system and no hydraulics.

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Bobcat T76 working on a jobsite.

Collision Warning & Avoidance System

A new collision warning and avoidance system concept from Bobcat is designed to assist operators’ jobsite awareness. Compatible with select Bobcat compact track loaders and skid-steer loaders, the technology tracks the position, direction and speed of objects relative to the machine. By using either the active or passive setting, operators can receive audible alerts or enable the machine to stop automatically upon detecting an object in its path.

Advanced Equipment Technology

Upcoming Product Releases A close-up photo of the lift arm on a RogueX loader.

Upcoming Product Releases

Bobcat leads the innovation and development of technology that drives the industry forward. By providing solutions and products that empower people to accomplish more, we’re helping to to build a better tomorrow.  

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Electric Equipment A Bobcat electric compact track loader and compact excavator parked near a mound of dirt.

Electric Equipment

At Bobcat, we're reinventing how work gets done. We are committed to environmental mindfulness and alternative-power solutions so that we can make a difference in the many communities where we live and work.  

Learn more about our electric equipment lineup including compact loaders, compact excavators, mowers, and more.  

Digital Products An individual’s hand, holding a cellular phone with a Bobcat app open on the screen, appears in the foreground of a photo while a Bobcat skid-steer loader works in the background.

Digital Products

Bobcat digital products revolutionize the way you work. We offer a smart, simple way to get the most from your Bobcat machine while protecting your investment at the same time. Use Bobcat digital products to monitor, control, analyze, enhance and maintain your compact equipment.  With Features on Demand, compact loader can be quickly upgraded with software that provides new features. 

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