Innovative Engineering Design

Challenging jobsites demand innovative solutions. 

Bobcat delivers high-tech solutions that are designed around the reality of the most challenging jobsites and working conditions. These exclusive technologies include innovative engineering and design components that deliver more power, more efficiency and more capabilities – to help operators do more than ever.

The World's First All-Electric Compact Loader

The Bobcat T7X compact track loader is emissions-free, low maintenence and electronically powered – so customers can be ready for tomorrow’s jobsite demands. This loader will be foundational for future innovations that will change compact equipment in a variety of ways, from productivity gains to enhanced precision to more intelligent machines that bring new capabilities to the jobsite.

All-Electric Concept Machine

Bobcat is engineering machines with electric motors as well as fully electric powered machines, eliminating all hydraulics. Our smaller electric machines offer zero emissions and a durable lithium-ion battery. Our fully electric concept machine has the potential to completely revolutionize the compact equipment industry.

An Entire Day on a Single Battery Charge

Cutting-edge, durable lithium-ion battery technology in the concept T7X can, in most applications, go an entire workday before charging is necessary.

No Performance Tradeoff

The concept T7X offers performance that is virtually indistinguishable from the diesel-powered version that is currently on the market.

Smarter, More Precise Machine

Electrical systems can be controlled and optimized via software. The introduction of electronic attachments will bring new capabilities for positioning, power utilization and control.

Electric Prototype Machines

With the new battery powered electric concept machines from Bobcat – including the S70e compact loader and the E10e and E17e compact excavators – equipment owners can achieve zero local emissions and lower noise levels. Most importantly, performance is comparable to that of diesel machines virtually anywhere – including indoor demolition or urban construction jobsites.

Familiar Performance Characteristics

While other battery electric options may be available, they can be underpowered and uncomfortable to use. With battery electric solutions from Bobcat, expect comparable lift capacities, breakout forces, cycle times and other characteristics.

A Full Day’s Run Time

Operators can get a full day’s work from these electric models (depending on the type of operation). With typical use, the machines perform a range of tasks throughout the day. A nightly recharge is all that’s required to ensure the next day’s productivity.


Zero Emissions

Battery electric solutions are ideal for food manufacturing or preparation facilities, indoor demolition and other work where having a diesel-powered machine is not desirable. It’s the best combination of high performance, low noise and improved operating comfort.