The Bobcat Brand Evolution: Expanding Our Product Lineup to Empower People to Accomplish More

Published on October 20, 2023

More power, lift, strength and agility are coming together through an expanded product line-up from trusted legacy brands. Bobcat is extending our promise to portable power, industrial air, turf renovation and industrial vehicle industries, focused on helping even more people make big challenges smaller.  Customers can expect the same great quality and performance these legacy brands stand for, now through the Bobcat line-up. Together, we’re ready for a future that empowers people to accomplish even more.

For 65 years, customers have been moving dirt, digging holes, breaking concrete and pushing boundaries with the help of Bobcat® equipment. We didn’t stop with our invention of the original skid-steer loader back in 1958. It turns out there were all sorts of jobs to be reimagined, and Bobcat Company has been hard at work, supplying the innovation, quality and versatility to conquer any challenge. Over the years, we’ve introduced our customers to compact excavators, compact tractors, utility vehicles, light compaction products, zero-turn mowers and more.  

Today, the Bobcat brand is changing the game again and welcoming new groundbreakers to the fold, including business owners, contractors and homeowners. Our latest offerings include portable air compressors, generators, light towers, industrial air compressors, forklifts and a comprehensive turf renovation lineup. In every case, we’re bringing decades of expertise and proven performance to the iconic orange and white Bobcat banner.  

A 100-Year Legacy Continues With the Bobcat Portable Power Lineup

Bobcat is the proud home of the world's best portable air compressors, generators and light towers. For generations, workers have relied on the industry-leading equipment of Doosan Portable Power and Ingersoll Rand. Now, this powerful legacy is a part of Bobcat. This means that customers in industrial applications, such as manufacturing, large workshops and more, can harness air power, electricity and light wherever and whenever they have a job to do. Learn more about Bobcat portable power solutions.

Bobcat Forklifts Take Performance Higher for Warehouse and Distribution Operations 

In the realm of material handling, we’ve taken a significant step forward by transitioning the Doosan forklift brand to Bobcat. By combining the innovation and durability that customers expect from Bobcat equipment with decades of Doosan experience in designing material handling solutions, Bobcat forklifts deliver a winning combination. These forklifts are designed to get the job done with maximum power and efficiency – all day, every day. Learn more about forklifts and industrial vehicles. 

Doing the Groundwork With the Bobcat Turf Renovation Lineup

The trusted turf products from Ryan offer more than 75 years of trusted expertise in creating lush golf courses, impressive sports facilities, beautiful lawns and more. Now stamped with Bobcat white, these turf renovation machines cater to every task, from aeration to dethatching to sod cutting, offering reliability, ease of use and unmatched performance. Learn more about Bobcat turf renovation products.

Unleashing New Opportunity With a Growing Brand

All told, these products bring a vast increase in machines, models and technologies to serve customers in new markets with diverse needs, as well as our more traditional industries like landscaping, construction, agriculture and acreages. With new products for more customers, our Bobcat dealership network has what you need to get your next job done. It also ensures that customers of Ryan, Doosan and Doosan Portable Power have access to one of the greatest dealership networks in the equipment industry, with a proven track record of providing readily available Bobcat parts and highly trained Bobcat service technicians to maintain their productivity.

Whatever the job and wherever there’s work, Bobcat will support our customers through every task. As we continue to align more products, services and solutions within the Bobcat brand, we’ll never stray from doing what it takes to empower people to accomplish more. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as Bobcat continues to shape the future of the equipment industry.

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