Carla Beltran’s Sustainable Dream: Hope on the Homestead with Bobcat Equipment

Published on March 13, 2024

For Carla Beltran, owning land and creating a sustainable way of life has always been a dream. With dedication, hard work and the help of Bobcat® equipment, Carla has been able to transform her homestead into a haven for all to enjoy. 

Carla Beltran is ready to make her dream of expanding the landscape of her homestead into reality using Bobcat equipment. As a visionary with a deep commitment to sustainability and community outreach, her journey started with the desire to be on acres of land and care for animals. “We lived in the city,” Carla says. “We never had the opportunity to be on acres. So growing up, I remember having this conversation with my dad … ‘One day I want to have a zoo.'"

The journey of purchasing land did not come easy for Carla and her sister Stephanie. Becoming property owners through an online auction came with the hardship of losing it to outbidders. They had a growing business and needed the space; Carla took the opportunity of bidding for the land on the last day of entries. Luckily, in August of 2018, they won the property, making it official. 

"I never thought that this was actually a possibility until we got the land,” she says. “Once we got the land, things started to fall into place. We haven't really looked back ever since.” 

A Vision for Biodiversity and Self-Sufficiency 

Carla's ambitious plans include the continuous expansion of her orchard. "My goal is to fill up the whole portion with different biodiversity, all types of fruits and nuts, but I also intend on adding more animals," she shares, emphasizing her commitment to a diverse and self-sufficient agricultural ecosystem.  

To make substantial changes on large acres of land that would be time consuming to complete manually, she relies on Bobcat equipment. With her E40 compact excavator, she gets the performance needed for digging holes and trenches efficiently. When it comes to moving dirt, rocks and other materials on the homestead, she can count on her T66 compact track loader.

Getting equipment was definitely a must. We use it all the time to move dirt around, rocks around, cut the brush and move the hay bales.

Carla Beltran

Carla's vision also revolves around a deep understanding of sustainability. She envisions a homestead where every aspect, from vegetables and fruits to meat and water, is sourced from her homestead. "Sustainability means that we are going to grow our own vegetables, our own fruits and nuts, raise our own meat, collect our own rainwater, and also use solar panels," she says.  

Carla’s aim is clear: to be self-sufficient in every way possible. She uses Bobcat attachments like the tiller to help her with planting, the trencher to help with digging and the bale fork to help move hay for the cows. 

Harvesting Hope: A Homestead Haven 

Carla's journey is not just about personal fulfillment; it's also a story of compassion and giving back. As a past volunteer at a foster abuse center in Dallas, she was inspired to give her orchard a greater purpose. She hopes to create opportunities for children to experience the joys of farming, from picking their own fruit to making jam together. Her end goal is to organize events that bring joy to foster children and those who have endured abuse, all while teaching them about sustainability.

There is no place I'd rather be. This is not work for me. It's my peace, and I love it. It gives me a purpose.

Carla Beltran

Carla’s passion for creating positive experiences for others is evident in her desire to share the abundance of her orchard with those who need it most. 

From Land to Legacy: A Glimpse Into the Future 

Looking ahead, Carla envisions a thriving homestead in five or 10 years, complete with houses for herself and her family, a completed orchard, a vineyard, a stocked pond, beehives, and a vegetable garden. With the use of Bobcat equipment, this work will be made easier. Carla’s journey showcases how dedication, hard work and belief turn dreams into reality.

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