Charging Forward With the Industry’s Best Electric Equipment

Published on March 20, 2023

Bobcat electric loaders and excavators are challenging convention and impressing operators with low noise, no emissions and capability that can match or outperform the diesel machines.

Innovating with Purpose

The Wright brothers’ first successful flight was in 1903. Only 66 years later, Neil Armstrong took the historic first steps on the moon. Today, the equipment industry is racing ahead at a similar pace.  

Bobcat – the company that invented the compact loader – is challenging everything you thought you knew about compact equipment and the capabilities of electric-powered machines

As we look for cleaner, quieter and more efficient ways to operate, Bobcat recognizes that performance comes first. With its first electric equipment models, Bobcat is impressing operators with low noise, zero-emission work performance that can match or outperform the diesel-powered counterparts. 

The switch to electric requires an inventive approach that rethinks how we operate, power and maintain equipment. The result is the award-winning T7X compact loader

The emission-free T7X is virtually silent, but its work speaks volumes. Its jaw-dropping torque is designed to get the job done, and cutting-edge software provides countless new ways to optimize performance. With nearly half the components of a diesel-powered loader, diagnosing issues, making repairs and maintaining uptime have never been easier, and overall cost of ownership has never been lower.  

Since the T7X first raised its lift arms, Bobcat has led the charge in electric innovation. With the recent release of three battery-powered excavators, operators can take the labor-saving power of Bobcat® equipment wherever the work is – including indoor jobsites and areas with noise restrictions.

E10e, E19e & E32e Electric Mini Excavators

The E10e – the world’s first electric mini excavator – the E19e and the E32e deliver all the benefits of electric power and zero emissions with the same level of performance you expect from traditional Bobcat equipment. 

As the industry evolves to meet the needs of tomorrow’s tasks and operators, Bobcat electric equipment opens up a whole new way to work.  

Check out the Bobcat T7X electric compact track loader or Bobcat electric compact excavators at to find more features and details. 

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