Josh Duhamel Creates Food Plot for Buck Hunting at Lake Property

Published on September 14, 2023

He’s starred in movies with Jennifer Lopez. He’s done TV shows and video games. But one thing Josh Duhamel has never done is build a food plot for deer hunting. He’s hoping to change that soon with the help of Bobcat® equipment on his Minnesota lake property. Check out how he uses machines to transform his land, set up a food plot and drive toward his goal. 

Over the 15 years that Josh has owned his lake property, he’s been making constant changes, and creating a food plot for deer hunting was always on the list. It became feasible when he gained access to bigger and better Bobcat equipment.  

The fact that I can get things done quickly gives me a lot of satisfaction, and I had a lot of fun doing it.

Josh Duhamel

Bobcat loaders, tractors and various attachments made that process easy for him. He even noted that he already has plans for a second food plot to grow crops for the dinner table.  

After preparing the land, Josh seeded it with chicory and clover, great plants for attracting whitetail deer. He also set up a camera to monitor the space. The only thing left was to prepare for the hunt. 

Leaning on Neighbors for Hunting Help 

Make no mistake, Josh didn’t have any illusions of grandeur going into the deer hunt. In fact, he relied heavily on his neighbor, Don, to show him the ropes – everything from how to shoot a hunting bow to setting up a deer stand. 

Finally, the day of the hunt came. Everything was looking great. He had good weather and a great spot near the food plot. And even as the hours ticked away, Josh kept thinking back to all the hard work he put in. After all, it’s the journey not the destination that makes us who we are, right? 

So, did he manage to bag his first buck? Was all the sweat he poured into the food plot worth it in the end?  

Watch the video below to find out for yourself.  

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