Strong Family Values Lay Foundation for Booming Business

Published on April 14, 2023

Lewis Straus Construction, a family business, has been thriving for almost 40 years in Southern Ontario. Discover how Bobcat equipment has been a crucial partner for the company, providing strong support and innovative attachments, making them unstoppable with an impressive fleet. Read the story of Luke Straus, the current owner-operator, and his brothers, who continue to build on their family values and take their business legacy to the next level. 

Watching his dad start Lewis Straus Construction in 1985, Luke Straus and his brothers, Lyle and Larry, were taught that expertise, innovation and customer service are the most important pillars to running a business. “We used to always try to be with him or out on the jobs as much as we could, even when we were little kids,” says Luke, the current owner-operator of Lewis Straus Construction.  

Today, with almost 30 employees digging over 200 pools a year across Southern Ontario, Luke doesn’t take anything for granted. “I’m smart enough to realize how fortunate I am that I was able to take over a thriving business rather than starting from scratch like my dad had to.” He still remembers watching his dad go through the ups and downs of starting a business, from recessions to labor-shortages and everything in between.  

But no matter what struggles the business faced, one thing was for sure: The Straus family always had what they needed — strong family values, the respect of their customers and support from Bobcat® equipment.  

I don’t think we have a job where there’s not a Bobcat machine on site.

Luke Straus

Owner-Operator / Lewis Straus Construction

Strong Values Aren’t the Straus Family’s Only Tools

As their customers continue to rely on them more and more, there’s one relationship Luke and his family are especially thankful for: the one they started with their local Bobcat dealer years ago. They knew they needed the best of the best when it came to buying machines and Bobcat had it all. Luke cites its innovative attachments, strongest service departments, nicest cabs and most comfortable seats, to name a few attributes.  

A Family Affair

Members of Lewis Straus Construction standing in front of the company sign.

Brothers Luke, Lyle and Larry proudly carry on the legacy of the business’s founder: their father, Lewis Straus.

Equipped and Nimble

 A Lewis Straus Construction crew member operates a Bobcat mini track loader at an indoor jobsite.

With a fleet of Bobcat equipment ranging from mini track loaders to excavators, the Lewis Straus Construction crew is ready for any job thrown their way. 

And because of this strong relationship, the Lewis Straus Construction team has quite the impressive fleet, including: 

Dozens of excavators:

A range of mini track loaders

And several compact track loaders

With this lineup, it’s safe to say Lewis Straus Construction is unstoppable when taking on new work and challenges. 

Looking to the Future With Bobcat 

Through all the obstacles and industry changes, the Straus family never lost sight of what was most important: their strong family values and the relationships they’ve developed along the way. When asked about where the business is heading in the future, Luke keeps a level head. “We’re kind of going to see where it takes us. Maybe we’ll grow more, or we’ll slow down, but we can handle anything that comes our way.”  

No matter what lies ahead for Lewis Straus Construction, some things will never change. Customers expect expertise, innovation and excellent service from this family business and Bobcat helps them deliver, day in and day out.  

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