Manpower and Machine Make for One Tough Team

Published on July 28, 2022

Sure, everything’s bigger in Texas. But in North Texas, one small land-clearing company owns a big reputation for demonstrating another Lonestar State trait: toughness. Joe Branch uses his Bobcat T740 and T770 compact track loaders and an E85 compact excavator to build his six-man land-clearing operation.

Sure, everything’s bigger in Texas. But in North Texas, one small land-clearing company owns a big reputation for demonstrating another Lonestar State trait:


“We work six to seven days a week and 10 to 12 hours a day,” says Joe Branch, owner of the six-person clearing company that bears his name. “We’ve never had a slow season.”

That’s no surprise when you consider Joe’s small-but-mighty crews are up for big challenges. From residential construction to commercial development to storm and disaster cleanup, Joe and his team put an unrelenting we got this mentality to work for their customers. Because when you consider the rough terrain and remote locations of their jobsites, anything less won’t do.

“Land clearing is the toughest thing you can put on a machine,” says Joe, who will take on jobs that can last a day or a month. “If the machine breaks down, I don’t make money.” So, with his livelihood on the line, Joe turns to one name, for both the machines and customer service, that keeps his company in the clear.

“I’m Bobcat® loyal. Everything I have is from Bobcat,” Joe says.

Everything includes a Bobcat T740 and T770 compact track loader, and an E85 compact excavator. With its powerful engine and impressive vertical lift path, Joe says “The T740 is one of the best machines they have come up with.”

Joe believes his Bobcat machines give him a competitive advantage in his market. “I have a job in Arkansas right now where another brand of equipment broke down, so now it’s my job.”

“The competition isn’t even in the same league as Bobcat machines,” says Joe. “They’re fast and they have better designs.” Efficiency and durability – they’re must-haves in a business where you could be clearing an acre one day and 300 the next.

Clearing the way to a better bottom line

As you might expect from a tough-as-nails land-clearing company, Joe’s business rose from humble beginnings. “I bought my first mulcher years ago just to have one around my place,” Joe recalls. “I liked running it and the next thing you know I turned it into a business.”

Today, his 10-year-old Tyler-based company serves repeat customers within a five-hour radius. And he does everything in his power to bring his customers’ vision to life. “I’ll make the area look like a golf course if they want it,” says Joe.

Bobcat attachments help Joe navigate the rough terrain that regularly includes trees, stumps, brush, shrubs, rocks, debris and even the occasional derailed train. His go-to attachments include a root grapple, auger, rock buckets, trencher, brush saw and drum mulcher. “If they make it, I probably own it.”

Heavier loads, faster-operating machines and flexible, easy-to-use attachments – it all adds up to increased productivity and a more profitable bottom line.

Bobcat makes great machines, but it’s the customer service that puts them over the top.

Joe Branch

Owner, Joe Branch Land Clearing

Bobcat “pit crew” keeps business in fast lane

“It’s not only the machine,” says Joe. “Bobcat makes great machines, but it’s the customer service that puts them over the top.” His Bobcat dealers are so vital to his business, he compares them to another type of crew that keeps high-performing machines running at full speed. “A Bobcat machine is like a racecar, but the racecar is only as fast as the pit crew.”

And when Joe needs something fast, Bobcat of North Texas – through its various branches – delivers results.

Joe benefits from dealership experts who specialize in every facet of his business. It starts with sales. “If I need something, I go to Jared Trahan (sales representative at the Longview location),” says Joe. “The guy’s knowledge is insane. He knows every piece of equipment, every task, what you need and where to get it.”

When it comes to service questions, Joe turns to Cory Wasilew, service manager, at the same dealership. “He’s a genius running the shop,” says Joe. Field technicians Rod Hoffpauir and Justin Overstreet provide additional expertise. “A lot of times they can tell you what’s wrong over the phone, so I can get back to making money sooner.”

“Then you have Jesse (Lowman) over at Bobcat of Paris,” Joe adds. “He runs the store and his mechanic, Sam (Siefers, service manager) is the go-to guy for the excavators.”

It’s not an exaggeration to say Joe’s business depends on his personal Bobcat pit crew. “If I didn’t have them, honestly, I’d pick another line of work.”

Joe’s land-clearing company is a prime example of how pairing tough equipment with great service can set any type of business up for a successful run. “If you don’t have both of those, you are done,” he says. “You are not going to stay in it.”

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