Serbian Basketball Scholar Pursues the American Dream

Published on December 13, 2023

As an immigrant who worked his way up from the bottom, Stefan Mutavdzic represents the spirit of America. The Serbian former basketball player relied on Bobcat® equipment to help him rise from a broke college student to a successful business owner breaking ground on major construction projects in Southern California. 

Stefan Mutavdzic, originally from Serbia, came to the United States to pursue higher education through a basketball scholarship. He enrolled in Mount Mercy College in Iowa, but after a year, he transferred to a small-town college in California.

Odd Jobs to Full-Time Contractor 

Stefan found himself playing professional basketball for a local team for a while, but soon realized that it wouldn't be enough to sustain him in the long run. He took up odd jobs, including painting and welding, and gradually worked his way up to becoming a foreman in a fabrication shop. He even put himself through school to learn 3D design and worked as a project manager in the engineering department. 

However, Stefan's entrepreneurial spirit and ambition were not satisfied. “I still needed to grow,” he says. “I didn’t feel like that was it for me.” 

He ventured into construction work and discovered his passion for it. After obtaining a contractor’s license, he began doing work on his own in the Fresno area. Eventually, structural steel became his specialty, and he hired workers for his company, dubbed Pevik Construction, in 2018. 

Digging Deeper With Bobcat Equipment 

With hard work and dedication, Stefan's company grew rapidly, and he expanded his business. They do a variety of projects and build luxury homes in Southern California.  

The purchase of a Bobcat E35 compact excavator proved to be essential for bigger projects. He’s planning to upgrade to a large excavator so he can use additional attachments to handle more profitable jobs.  

Stefan is grateful for the support he received from his local Bobcat dealership, whose helpful staff has been crucial to his business operation. He’s proud of his company's reputation for taking on any job, big or small, with the same level of professionalism and commitment. His ultimate goal is to be recognized as one of the top contractors in the industry, and he’s determined to keep growing his business and expanding his horizons. 

What’s Next for Stefan? 

As he looks back on his journey, from arriving in the United States on a basketball scholarship to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the construction industry, Stefan is proud of how far he’s come.  

He’s excited about the future, with plans to expand his business, acquire a large excavator, add more attachments and take on more challenging projects. With his passion, hard work and reliable Bobcat equipment, Stefan is confident that he will continue to achieve success in the construction industry and fulfill his dreams. 

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