Small Business Owner Experiences the Next Generation of Bobcat Zero-Turn Mowers

Published on December 2, 2020

The owner-operator of Fresh Cut Lawnscape in Tennessee tuned into the live Bobcat zero-turn mower launch event. But he wasn’t prepared for what would happen next.

Small Business Owner Experiences the Next Generation of Bobcat 

On September 10, Junior Santos, the owner-operator of Fresh Cut Lawnscape in Tennessee, tuned into the live Bobcat zero-turn mower launch event expecting to get excited about the latest from Bobcat, but he wasn’t prepared for what would happen next. 

“It was coming to a close,” says Junior, recalling the event as he watched that night. “They announced the winner and there it was – my name. I couldn’t believe it. I’m still in disbelief.” 

This online event introduced the latest game-changer from Bobcat – a brand-new line of zero-turn mowers. To drive excitement for the launch, we encouraged people to sign up for a chance to win their very own Bobcat zero-turn mower. With thousands of entries, one winner was selected live during the event: it was Junior. 

“But it’s here physically, and I’m looking at it so [I know it’s] real.” 

An opportunity to ride forward 

A small business owner and United States Navy veteran, Junior knows what it means to work hard and put your nose to the grindstone. Originally growing up in Guam, he’s been cutting two-acre properties since he was a child. 

“Lawn care is something I love to do,” says Junior. A few years ago, he decided to start Fresh Cut Lawnscape with a friend to better their futures. “I thought, hey, this is my segue to transition out of the US military and into something that I can actually do and enjoy.” 

That’s why this prize, a brand new ZT6100 zero-turn mower, means a lot to Junior. It’s an opportunity to take his business to the next level with increased productivity. Unlike any other zero-turn mower he’s ever operated, he describes riding the ZT6100 as feeling like he’s a part of the mower and that he has “control over every inch of it.” With over 20 properties to take care of, being comfortable is a need for Junior because it enables him to keep going from job-to-job without feeling physically drained. With a mower that feels this good, he feels the only place for productivity to go, is up. 

“I’ll tell you, this thing cuts smooth … smooth like Tennessee whiskey … smooth like butter,” he says. “Everything is within the operator’s control. This seat is so cush. I forgot I was on a mower for a moment.” 

Delivering the goods 

We delivered Junior his brand new ZT6100 zero-turn mower and handed over the keys at his local dealership, Williams Equipment Supply. A Bobcat dealership for over 50 years, Williams Equipment Supply sells everything from small hand tools to 36,000-pound hydraulic excavators. 

“[We have] something for everyone,” says Trey Huey, VP of Williams Equipment Supply, when describing the dealership. “From the guy that’s a DIY weekend type guy to a full-fledged construction company that builds buildings from start to finish.” 

Covering Memphis, Tennessee and surrounding areas, Williams Equipment Supply carries a wide variety of Bobcat equipment from construction machinery and excavators to tractors and mowers. He says the introduction of a Bobcat zero-turn mower is a huge plus for drawing in new customers they wouldn’t normally attract. 

Ready to take your mowing to the next level like Junior? Learn more about our new lineup of Bobcat mowers, including zero turn mowers, stand-on mowers, and commercial walk-behind mowers

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