Compact Excavators: Depth Check System

The depth check system from accurately measures depth and grade without exiting your compact excavator. Avoid the need for someone to manually check the grade or depth with a tape measure or "stick" receiver and eliminate the need to set up laser equipment for smaller excavation jobs. Because the system prevents under-digging and over-digging, you reduce time spent adjusting work already done.

How to Use Bobcat Excavator Depth Check System

Learn how to use the Bobcat Compact Excavator R2-Series Depth Check System with basic operation tips to dig and grade more accurately, with reducing the need for an extra worker in the trench, who would manually check the grade or depth with a tape measure or stick receiver. Depth Check System can prevent rework from under-digging and over-digging increasing productivity and profitability on jobsites and is valuable for endless applications.

Features & Benefits

Bobcat compact (mini) excavator cab featuring the depth check system

Multiple Applications

Use the depth check system for multiple applications, including: Trenching utility lines, placing drainage ditches, digging basements, installing sewer lines and drain fields, and site preparation for footings or pads. It is compatible with standard arm and long arm configurations, but cannot be used with the extendable arm option.
Bobcat depth check system for Bobcat compact (mini) excavators

Easy Operation

Utilizing sensors that detect the exact position of the bucket's teeth, the Bobcat depth check system allows operators to set a desired digging depth and work against that benchmark. Each of the compatible instrumentation and display options continually reference the current and desired depths, while audible alerts indicate whether the operator is approaching the target, at the target or beyond the target.
Bobcat depth check system inside a compact (mini) excavator cab

Instrumentational Panel & Display Integration

Unlike other systems, the Bobcat depth check system integrates with the Bobcat Deluxe Instrumentation panel and displays. This offers simple operation and eliminates the need for an add-on display monitor inside your excavator cab. The system includes three position sensors (boom, arm and bucket) with required harnesses. The wired system reduces lag time with no batteries to replace.
E50 Mini Excavator Using Depth Check To Trench

Depth Check Ready Models

R2-Series compact excavator models are depth check ready – approved and ready for the optional Bobcat depth check accessory kit for compact (mini) excavators. These models are designed to accept all depth check system components. Depth check functions are integrated with your display or the optional Touch Display. This simple, durable kit is wired, so job conditions or wireless signal loss never interfere with your digging accuracy.
Bobcat compact (mini) excavator arm and optional laser receiver for the depth check system

Optional Laser Receiver

On larger jobsites, an optional laser receiver offers operators greater flexibility to move around, benching off of a laser signal rather than a fixed grade point. It's compatible with optional CR600 and BLR 2 laser receivers.


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