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When all-day mowing is your business, Bobcat zero-turn mowers always go the distance.

Mowers Built for Professional Landscapers & Groundskeepers

If you're in the market for top-tier commercial lawn care equipment, take your business to the next level with Bobcat® commercial mowers. With a lineup that's known for delivering exceptional results, Bobcat sets the standard for hard-working durability and efficiency you can only get with a high-speed commercial mower.

Your local Bobcat dealer is your partner in productivity, connecting you to the full line of commercial riding mowers, stand-on commercial lawn mowers, zero-turn walk-behind mowers and other industry-leading equipment. They also have the service, parts and accessories that commercial mowing and landscape professionals need to hit the ground mowing. It's no surprise that the best professional mowers look to Bobcat as their go-to brand. 

Zero-Turn Riding Mowers An Operator Stands On the Bobcat ZS4000 Stand-On Mower While Trimming the Grass on a Large Commercial Lawn

Zero-Turn Riding Mowers

Mowing machines achieve a pristine cut with their innovative cutting decks, including the AirFX™ deck, the pinnacle of Bobcat cutting deck design. The innovative AirFX deck increases vacuum, lifting grass up to the cutting blade for a superior quality of cut. For durability and razor-sharp results, your reputation should ride on nothing less. 

Zero-Turn Stand-On Mowers An Operator Stands On the Bobcat ZS4000 Stand-On Mower While Trimming the Grass on a Large Commercial Lawn

Zero-Turn Stand-On Mowers

Bobcat stand-on mowers get around the obstacles – and get to the next job quickly, leaving behind amazing results. With their compact size and large drive tires, these agile machines stand out. 

Walk-Behind Mowers A Worker Cuts Grass With the Bobcat WB700 Walk-Behind Mower

Walk-Behind Mowers

Bobcat walk-behind mowers provides ease of use with a powerful hydraulic drive that reduces operator fatigue and minimizes ground disturbance. Its compact size saves space on your trailer and is great for mowing around obstacles and highly landscaped environments. 

More Vacuum. Better Airflow. Cleaner Cut.

AirFX Commercial Mowing Deck

The science behind the perfect cut is defined by the AirFX™ zero-turn mower cutting deck, available on the  ZS4000, ZT6000ZT6100  and ZT7000 commercial-grade lawn mowers. Built to tackle all turf types, it features a deep deck, bullnose design and unique geometry, plus a patented baffle design that increases airflow and vacuum to lift grass up to the cutting blade and provide razor-sharp results. Bolt-on baffles ensure you can always achieve the best quality of cut with easy replacement. Replacement mower baffles give you a “factory reset” for your cutting deck, with no hammering metal back into place. This is important for professional mowers, as even ¼ inch of variation or damage can negatively affect your quality of cut.

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A Bobcat ZS4000 Mower Cuts Grass With a 61-Inch AirFX Deck

Quality of Cut

The patented family of Bobcat zero-turn mower cutting decks delivers a quality of cut virtually no other zero-turn mower can. The AirFX™ deck is our crowning achievement in cut quality and excellence with its deep deck design that increases vacuum and lifts grass up to the cutting blade. Its tough construction, including 6-bolt, cast-iron or steel fabricated spindle assemblies and bolt-on air-gap baffle technology, provides durability and performance you can count on, job after job. The AirFX deck is available on the following commercial units: ZT6000, ZT6100, ZT7000, ZS4000 (Stand-On) and ZT6000.

ZT6000 Operator Opens the Rotating Bumper to Access the Engine

Ease of Ownership

The industry-leading 2,000-hour warranty on Bobcat commercial mowers – or 2,500 with an extended mower warranty – gives you peace of mind and covers nearly every part and component of your mower within the warranty terms. 

Other time-saving benefits, like tool-free oil changes and rotating bumpers on ZT6100 and ZT7000 mowers that provide easy access to the engine and key maintenance areas, ensure you’ll spend less time maintaining your mower and more time generating income and pleasing customers.

Ergonomic controls and adjustable mechanical suspension seats keep operators working comfortably all day long. AirFX bolt-on double wave air-gap baffles allow you to keep the mowing deck as good as new, ensuring a pristine cut quality and a cleaner deck at the end of the day.

Operator Cuts Grass With a Bobcat ZT6000 Mower


Bobcat commercial mowers will stand the test of time. They're manufactured with high-strength steel frames and tough spindle assemblies. The AirFX cutting deck, available on a wide variety of Bobcat commercial mowers, includes two layers of 10-gauge steel.

All-Electric Mowing for Professionals

Coming Soon: ZT6000e

Delivering up to 6 hours of emissions-free mowing performance, depending on grass conditions, the ZT6000e is the first all-electric professional mower from Bobcat. Available in 52- and 61-inch widths, the ZT6000e zero-turn mower is equipped with a 58V lithium-ion battery and an AirFX™ mowing deck. Its integrated 4.3-inch touchscreen display manages both drive speed and blade tip speed. Charge time is as little as 6 hours from a 240V outlet.

Fresh Cut Lawnscape Rises to the Next Level

Junior Santos, the owner of Fresh Cut Lawnscape, describes the ZT6100 operation as feeling like he’s a part of the mower and that he has “control over every inch of it.” With over 20 properties to take care of, this comfortable mower enables him to keep going from job to job without feeling physically drained. With a mower that feels this good, he feels the only place for productivity to go is up.

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