Warehouse Industry & Bobcat Electric Forklifts


Modern warehouse electrics offer lower costs and superior performance.

Bobcat® warehouse forklift products offer many innovations and cutting-edge technologies. Sealed connectors and drive motors can easily withstand outdoor usage. Plus, advances in AC technology have reduced the maintenance and operating costs of our warehouse solutions across the board. 

See why more people are saying yes to Bobcat electric forklifts.

Features & Benefits for Warehouse Applications

Bobcat B20T-7 Plus Forklift in a Warehouse

Extended Value & Maximum Uptime

Improved charging and power output technologies ensure electrics have power to spare on par with their IC counterparts. Weatherproof internal electronics allow Bobcat’s modern electric forklifts to operate indoors and outdoors 24/7. 

A Man Performing Routine Service on the B20T-7 Plus Forklift

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Electric forklifts require less routine maintenance, and the upfront costs are lower than traditional IC trucks. 

An Operator Using the Controls on the Bobcat B20T-7 Plus Forklift

Save More on Fuel Costs

Electric solutions reduce the need for the ongoing purchase of fossil fuels, with electricity being clean and convenient. With the cost of electricity remaining low, these trucks are a cost-effective solution.

Man Looks to the Rear of the Bobcat B25X-7 Plus Forklift While Reversing the Machine

Health & Environmental Safety

Electric forklifts have long-term benefits to both the environment and employees. Adopting an electric fleet reduces harmful emissions, resulting in better air quality around worksites and inside warehouses.

Electric Counterbalance Forklifts

Three and four-wheel electric counterbalance forklifts from Bobcat keep many types of operations productive. In this Class I offering of trucks, capacities range from 2,500 to 10,000 pounds.

Productivity and cost of ownership have been considered across the lineup. The newest generation of AC technology contributes to industry-leading performance while carrying some of the lowest costs of ownership of any brand of forklift.

Versatility extends with the lineup of stand-up counterbalance electrics, which are ideal for operating in the tight confines found in today’s warehouse spaces.

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Operator Grabs a Pallet From a High Shelf Using a Bobcat B20T-7 Plus Forklift

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