Access your equipment info from anywhere with the Machine IQ mobile app.

Bobcat Machine IQ Wireless Communications

Monitor and manage your fleet from anywhere.

No matter where you are, you can find out where your equipment is, how efficiently it’s running and, if something goes wrong, you can get instant notifications with specific fault codes related to the problem so you can get back to work fast.

Machine IQ allows you can connect to your connected machine’s information anytime, anywhere, from any device using the same tech that makes your smart phone tick.

What exactly is all that connection and information good for, anyway? Well, using Machine IQ, you can track details that enhance your connected machine’s performance, maintenance, and security.

When you use Machine IQ you can:

  • Be notified of potential maintenance issues, with details of which fault codes mean what – this will help you avoid unplanned downtime.

  • Create a customized planned maintenance programs based on your machine usage and work schedule so you can maximize your uptime, and bottom line.

  • Track your machines’ locations and when they’re allowed to be operating.

  • Receive notifications if your machine is misused or misplaced – and use GPS to locate it if you need to.

  • Analyze efficiency and productivity for your fleet with the Machine IQ smartphone app or on your desktop computer.

Bottom line: you can get more done, take better care of, and keep your investment safer, when you activate Machine IQ on your Bobcat connected machine.

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