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Bobcat Machine IQ Wireless Communications

Monitor and manage your fleet from anywhere.

No matter where you are, you can find out where your equipment is, how efficiently it’s running and whether it needs service.

Machine IQ wireless communications connects you to your machine’s information at any time, anywhere, from any device. Using Machine IQ, you can check on the health of your machines and remotely track information that enhances maintenance, security and performance.

  • Use information to discover and address unplanned maintenance issues.
  • Create a planned maintenance program based on how you use your machine.
  • Track your machines’ locations and how they’re allocated.
  • Manage the expectations of machine usage and receive notifications if your machine is misused or misplaced.
  • Analyze efficiency and productivity for your fleet.

Via your Bobcat owner portal account at, you can access machine information any time.

Choose the Machine IQ package that is right for you.

Machine IQ Basics

  • This is a subscription service enabling the access to the Machine IQ Basics package for each machine enrolled.
  • Use the features to perform services that maximize productivity and the life of your machine.
  • Access machine info 24/7 through your Bobcat Owner Portal account.
  • Machine IQ Basics subscription is included with machine purchase for the first 3 years of retail at no cost to you

Machine IQ Health and Security

  • Upgrade your machine subscription to the Health and Security features to watch your machines even more proactively, with increased information points.
  • Includes all Basics package features plus additional advanced features.
  • Receive more robust information and sign up to receive email and in portal notifications about your equipment.
Chart Shows The Differences Between The Bobcat Machine IQ Basic And Upgraded Packages

Features Available For Both Packages

Basic Telematics

Improve your machine management strategy by tracking key information points, including:

  • GPS location and history
  • Operating hours
  • Last recorded fuel levels

Custom Asset Name

Create a personalized name for each of your machines to quickly identify which machine in your fleet you’re looking at.

Maintenance Interval Tracking

Keep your equipment running at peak performance with planned maintenance notifications:

  • Track regular planned maintenance schedules
  • Track your assets’ custom maintenance schedules
  • View high level instructions for each interval in the portal

Additional Features With Health and Security Package

Maintenance Reminder Email Alerts

  • Receive an email when you are approaching regular maintenance needed
  • Receive high level information on how to perform regular maintenance with in these emails
  • Get a list of relevant parts needed to complete your maintenance
  • Access the regular maintenance tracker to see what planned maintenance is coming up

Fault Code Notifications and Troubleshooting

  • No more guesswork. Receive alerts, a clear description and  troubleshooting steps when a machine reports a fault code
  • Subscribe to email notifications for alerts and troubleshooting information
  • See your fault code history within Machine IQ


Geofence Creation and Breach Notifications

  • Always know where your equipment is and where it is going
  • Subscribe to email notifications whenever your machine leaves a specified operation footprint


Curfew Creation and Breach Notifications

  • Set a curfew and be notified if your equipment is operating outside designated days or hours
  • Subscribe to receive email notifications whenever your machine is turned on outside of specified operating days or hours

Machine Utilization Reporting

  • Track machine efficiency and utilization to make better business decisions.
  • Compare idle time and working time, or watch fuel usage
  • Generate custom reports
  • Get a better view of ownership costs and make more informed decisions

In-Portal Notification Management

  • Manage and monitor notifications within the portal
  • A clear notification counter on the home page provides a singular place to manage all important machine notifications
  • Notifications have a standard search and filter functionality for easy sorting
  • Ability to mark the notifications as read or unread if later action is needed

Sign up for and register your machines.

Manage equipment from app

It’s easy to create your account on your mobile device or desktop.

After finalizing your account, you’ll be prompted to register assets. You’ll need a serial number for any machine you register on The Machine IQ specialist at your Bobcat dealer will also need to assist with the machine registration.

  1. Click “Register Assets.”
  2. Call your Bobcat dealer’s Machine IQ specialist.
  3. Provide the serial number to your dealer’s Machine IQ specialist. He or she will add the serial number to your account.
  4. You can now see your machine under the Asset List tab of