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Protection Plus Extended Warranty

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Rely on your Protection Plus Extended Warranty.

Your Bobcat® compact equipment is essential to your business. It completes difficult tasks. It keeps your schedule moving. And most importantly, it generates income. Safeguarding your business-critical machines with a Protection Plus® extended warranty from Bobcat is an important part of that strategy.

Protection Plus Extended Warranty Benefits

Bobcat extended warranty coverage provides a long list of benefits to equipment owners.

Bobcat T64 Compact Track Loader Covered By Extended Warranty

Peace of Mind

For a small investment, you can protect your Bobcat machine with additional coverage to minimize repair costs. If machine issues do occur, you know in advance that you are covered – to help you avoid unplanned expenses. It gives you an extended sense of security and also makes good business sense.

Bobcat Mini Excavator With Protection Plus Extended Warranty Coverage

Higher Resale Value

If you decide to sell your equipment, any remaining Protection Plus extended warranty coverage can be transferred to the next owner. The extended warranty also tells a prospective buyer that your machine received superior care and maintenance.

Operator Using Bobcat S76 Skid-Steer Loader With Bucket Attachment Moving Dirt.

Risk Management

By providing a comfortable shield of protection against repairs due to failures in materials or workmanship, an extended warranty greatly decreases your exposure to financial risk.

Acreage Owner Using Bobcat Compact Tractor Covered By Extended Warranty

No Deductible

A Protection Plus extended warranty pays for the cost of any warrantable repair, including parts and labor, with no deductible required.

Operator Using Bobcat UV34 UTV For Grounds Maintenance

Backed by Bobcat

The Protection Plus extended warranty is fully backed by Bobcat to ensure you’ll be as confident as we are in our products. It includes factory-backed parts and labor coverage.

Tight Shot Of T76 Compact Track Loader Tailgate

Honored by Bobcat Dealers

The warranty is honored by our entire network of authorized Bobcat dealerships in the U.S. or Canada, making it ideal for large fleets with multiple locations. Just contact your local Bobcat dealer.

Details of the Protection Plus Extended Warranty.

This extended warranty is a Bobcat-backed program that is an extension of the standard Bobcat warranty, providing you the opportunity to minimize repair costs associated with warrantable equipment failures.

You may purchase Protection Plus extended warranty coverage during the machine’s full standard warranty period for these new, never-before-sold Bobcat machines:

  • Compact Track Loaders
  • Skid-Steer Loaders
  • All-Wheel Steer Loaders
  • Mini Track Loaders
  • Compact Excavators
  • Large Excavators (E145 and E165)
  • Compact Tractors
  • Toolcat™ Utility Work Machines
  • VersaHANDLER Telescopic Tool Carriers
  • Small Articulated Loaders
Bobcat Service Technician Running Diagnostics On Compact Track Loader Covered By Protection Plus Extended Warranty

You Choose Your Extended Warranty Coverage.

You can choose the level of Bobcat extended warranty protection you want for your equipment, including coverage on:

  • Powertrain
  • Powertrain + Hydraulics
  • Full machine

Then select a coverage period, up to 60 months/5,000 hours.

What Is Covered by Each Plan Option?

Protection Plus Powertrain Coverage Program Logo

Option 1: Powertrain Coverage

Choose the Protection Plus extended warranty powertrain option to get coverage on engine and transmission components. See full list below.

  • Air temp and pressure sensors
  • Camshaft
  • Camshaft bearing
  • Camshaft gear
  • Camshaft housing assembly
  • Camshaft roller/follower/lifter
  • Catalytic converter
  • Charge air cooler
  • Connecting rod
  • Connecting rod bearing
  • Crankcase relief valve
  • Crankshaft
  • Crankshaft front seal
  • Crankshaft gear
  • Crankshaft main and rod bearings
  • Crankshaft rear seal
  • Cylinder block main bearing bores
  • Cylinder head
  • Cylinder head gasket
  • Cylinder liner
  • DEF/DOC/DPF/SCR sensors
  • Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) dosing module
  • Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) pump
  • Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank
  • Diesel particulate filter (DPF)
  • Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) system
  • Differential pressure ratio regulator
  • Electronic control unit (ECU)
  • Emissions specific air lines/pipe
  • Engine block
  • Engine oil cooler
  • Engine oil filter housing/base
  • Engine oil pan and gasket
  • Engine oil pressure relief valve
  • Engine oil pressure sensor
  • Engine oil pump
  • Engine speed sensor
  • Exhaust combustion lines
  • Exhaust gas recirculation cooler
  • Exhaust gas recirculation pipe
  • Exhaust gas recirculation valve
  • Exhaust manifold and gasket
  • Front and rear cover
  • Fuel cooler
  • Fuel injection lines
  • Fuel injection pump
  • Fuel injection pump metering valve
  • Fuel injector
  • Fuel pressure sensor
  • Fuel shutoff solenoid
  • Fuel transfer pump
  • Governor group
  • Hp fuel common rail and sensors
  • Inlet/exhaust valve
  • Intake air heater
  • Intake manifold and gasket
  • Liner seat/insert
  • Mass air flow and temp sensor
  • NOx sensor
  • Particle sensor
  • Piston
  • Piston rings
  • Push rod
  • Rack/control shaft
  • Rocker arm
  • Rocker shaft assembly
  • Selective catalyst reduction (SCR) system
  • Throttle actuator
  • Throttle valve and body
  • Timing gear housing
  • Timing position sensor
  • Timing/accessory gears
  • Turbocharger
  • Unit injector control linkage
  • Valve cover and gasket
  • Valve guide
  • Valve seat/insert
  • Valve spring
  • Water/coolant temperature sensor
  • Wiring harness specific to engine control
  • 2-Speed valve
  • Axle housing assembly
  • Axle shaft and bearings
  • Bevel gear, case, shaft and bearings
  • Differential housing
  • Differential pinion gear/ring gear
  • Drive axle
  • Drive belt tensioner assembly
  • Drive shaft and universal joints
  • Enclosed oil immersed chains and sprockets
  • Engine output drive assembly/coupling
  • Final drive assembly
  • Front differential
  • Hub/gear assembly
  • Hydraulic piston pump (MX)
  • Hydrostatic control module
  • Hydrostatic lines and hoses (pump to travel motor)
  • Hydrostatic motor
  • Hydrostatic pump
  • Motor carrier assembly
  • Planetary final drive carrier
  • Planetary gear carrier
  • Rear differential
  • Reduction gear box
  • Track idler
  • Track roller
  • Track roller suspension spring
  • Transaxle
  • Transmission/hydrostatic case and components within

Some coverage exclusions do exist. Please see terms and conditions for detailed exclusions.

Protection Plus PowerTrain + Hydraulics Coverage Program Logo

Option 2: Powertrain + Hydraulics Coverage

The Protection Plus extended warranty powertrain + hydraulics coverage option includes all components listed under the powertrain coverage plus the components listed below.

  • ACS/SJC controller
  • ACS/SJC harnesses
  • ACS/SJC sensors
  • Hydraulic accumulators
  • Hydraulic cooling fan
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Hydraulic gear pump
  • Hydraulic hoses, tube lines and fittings
  • Hydraulic manifolds
  • Hydraulic motors
  • Hydraulic oil cooler
  • Hydraulic oil temp sensor
  • Hydraulic pumps 
  • Hydraulic reservoir
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Joystick assembly
  • Lift and tilt actuators
  • Pilot controls
  • Relief valves
  • Steering cylinders and valve
  • Swing/slew motor and gear box
  • Swivel

Some coverage exclusions do exist. Please see terms and conditions for detailed exclusions.

Protection Plus Full Protection Coverage Program Logo

Option 3: Full Protection

All components listed under the Protection Plus extended warranty powertrain and powertrain + hydraulics coverage options are included in the full protection coverage, plus additional items listed below.

  • Air cleaner
  • Alternator
  • Coolant reservoir
  • Crankshaft damper/pulley
  • Engine mounts
  • Flywheel and ring gear
  • Fuel tank(s)
  • Hoses/lines and fittings
  • Pulleys
  • Radiator
  • Starter
  • Thermostat
  • Water pump
  • Clutch and pulley
  • Coils
  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Ducts
  • Evaporator
  • Fan
  • Harnesses
  • Heater core
  • Hoses/fittings
  • Hoses/seals/gaskets
  • Motors
  • Receiver dryer
  • Switches
  • Valves


  • Blade
  • Bob-Tach® system assembly
  • Boom
  • Boom swing frame
  • Bucket link
  • Chaincase
  • Counterweight (MX)
  • Dipper arm
  • Door and cover assembly
  • Lift arm
  • Main frame
  • ROPS operator cab
  • Seat and seat bar assembly
  • Slew ring and bearing
  • Suspension shocks
  • Suspension control links
  • Tailgate
  • Track frame
  • Track tensioner
  • Undercarriage
  • Upper structure
  • X-Change™ system


  • Control panels/displays
  • Controllers
  • Gauges
  • Main power relay
  • Switches
  • Wire harnesses

●    Axle seals
●    Brake system
●    Hydrostatic mounts
●    Levers and pedals
●    Pulleys
●    Shift and control linkage

  • Steering column and wheel
  • Tie rods
  • Windshield wiper motor and assembly


Some coverage exclusions do exist. Please see terms and conditions for detailed exclusions.

Extended Warranty Coverage Time Period Options

The cost of a Protection Plus extended warranty varies both by machine type and length of coverage desired. Your Bobcat dealer can provide a quote and advise you on the cost of the plan you are interested in.

2,000 X X X X
3,000 X X X X
4,000 X X X X
5,000 X X X X

Time periods defined above include the original standard warranty period, which may vary depending on product and delivery date.

For more information on coverage plans, pricing and benefits, talk with your local Bobcat dealer.

General Protection Plus Extended Warranty Plan Exclusions and Limitations.

Equipment will not be covered by the Protection Plus Extended Warranty Plan for the following:

  1. Failure to perform the recommended preventative maintenance as specified in the O&M Manual.
  2. Normal deterioration in performance and wear-out, or accelerated component wear-out due to application or operating technique; including, but not limited to, gasket or seal leaks and oil consumption.
  3. Maintenance items such as lubricants, antifreeze, filters, belts and batteries.
  4. Abuse or improper use of the machine.
  5. Operation in applications not approved by Bobcat and/or beyond the design or capacity of the machine.
  6. Failure to use and maintain proper levels of fuel, fluids and lubricants that meet or exceed the minimum specifications required by Bobcat as described in the O&M Manual.
  7. Operation at performance settings other than the standard Bobcat specification.
  8. Chemical corrosion and physical or mechanical erosion.
  9. Modifications, unless performed at an approved repair facility at the request of Bobcat.
  10. Any repairs if components have been stopped or altered that misrepresent the equipment’s actual hours of usage.
  11. Physical damage.
  12. Freight and taxes.
  13. Performance complaints; including, but not limited to, fuel setting adjustments.
  14. Failure of a typically covered component if resulting from failure of a noncovered component.
  15. Transportation/towing/hauling costs or field service travel expenses (unless otherwise noted by exception for promotional purposes from Bobcat Company).
  16. Downtime, inconvenience or other incidental or consequential damages, losses or expenses that result from a defect in material or workmanship.
  17. Storage or miscellaneous shop supplies and disposal fees.
  18. Any cost covered by any warranty of the engine manufacturer (if other than Bobcat), including emissions warranty, regardless of whether the warranty is honored.
  19. Any costs incurred for Bobcat to comply with emissions standards under the US EPA or any national, federal, provincial or state law.
  20. Acts of war, vandalism, riot, theft, explosion, collision, fire, flooding, severe weather and/or any other acts of nature or vermin.
  21. Components that have their own stand-alone warranty coverage period where such coverage is less than the Protection Plus plan coverage, such as hydraulic quick couplers.
  22. Dealer-installed kits and options which carry their own specific warranty terms.

What Will Bobcat Do If the Product Fails?

Bobcat will repair or replace any covered part or component that fails because of defects in materials or workmanship. Protection Plus extended warranty customers are required to perform maintenance on the covered machine at regular intervals. Also, Bobcat will not be liable for any damage to the machine caused by the use of non-Bobcat parts.

Terms and Conditions

General Explanation of Coverage
During the applicable period of the Protection Plus extended warranty plan, the authorized Bobcat dealer shall repair or replace, at the option of Bobcat Company, without charge for parts and labor, any covered component of the Bobcat machine which fails because of defects in material or workmanship except as otherwise provided below. The owner of the protected machine agrees to provide the dealer from which the Bobcat machine was purchased with prompt written notice of any defects covered by the Protection Plus extended warranty plan and to allow a reasonable time for replacement or repair. Bobcat may, at its option, request the return of failed parts to a specified destination.

Protection Plus extended warranty is not intended to restore the entire product to like-new condition.
Coverage is limited to the repair or replacement of the failed component and any resulting damaged parts. Other parts removed in the process of repair will be reinstalled as is, unless the customer authorizes the additional cost of replacing such parts at the customer’s expense. A listing of components covered can be found in the “What’s Covered?” section of the corresponding coverage option in the “A Guide to Your Protection Plus Extended Warranty” literature.

Customer Participation and Responsibilities
Fluid analysis is recommended, although not a requirement, to obtain Protection Plus extended warranty coverage. The ideal scenario is to sample fluid at the point of enrollment, at the first recommended interval and then continue throughout the remainder of the Protection Plus extended warranty plan coverage term.

The customer is responsible for ensuring that all recommended preventive maintenance is performed at the specified service intervals as described in the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manual. Preventive maintenance includes, but is not limited to, the servicing, adjusting and/or replacing of specific components.

The customer/dealer may be required to provide proof of compliance with the maintenance schedules at the time of failure. Proof may include receipts or copies of work orders or invoices showing the remainder of the Protection Plus extended warranty coverage term.

Note on Emissions
Certain components may qualify for emissions warranty coverage in accordance with the applicable regulations of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB). The emissions warranty is provided by the engine manufacturer and is explained in detail in the machine’s O&M Manual. The emissions warranty statement lists parts that are eligible for emissions warranty. Emissions parts that are covered under Protection Plus warranty but are beyond the term of the emissions warranty are eligible for coverage for the remainder of the Protection Plus extended warranty term.

Powertrain Coverage Limitations
Powertrain components are defined as components used to produce, control or transmit engine horsepower to propel the machine. A listing of powertrain components covered can be found in the “What’s Covered? Powertrain Coverage” section in the “A Guide to Your Protection Plus Extended Warranty” literature. Examples of components NOT covered:
• Undercarriage Components – such as tracks and sprockets on compact track loaders, mini track loaders and mini excavators; axle seals, tires and rims on skid-steer loaders, Toolcat utility work machines and VersaHANDLER telescopic tool carriers; tie rods; steering cylinders; and brake system.
• Hydraulic Components – such as the main control valve, valves directly related to the machine work group, loader hydraulic gear pump, cylinders, fan motor, oil coolers, manifolds, joysticks and quick couplers.
• Engine Attachments – such as the radiator, alternator, starter, water pump, thermostat, air conditioning compressor, flywheel and engine mounts.
• External Hoses, Lines, Fittings and O-Rings – for oil, water and air (except hydrostatic lines and hoses between the drive pump and motor and emission-specific lines and hoses).


Interested in purchasing a Protection Plus extended warranty?

Make it part of your purchase of a new, never-before-sold machine from your dealer. Or if you own a new, never-before-sold machine that is still under the full standard warranty period, talk to your dealer about adding this extended warranty coverage.