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Telehandler / Comfort Features

Operator-Friendly Controls – Telehandlers

Joystick Control

The controls and instrument panel inside the VersaHANDLER V519 telehandler.

You won’t see another joystick like this in any other telehandler. In addition to controlling the boom height and extension, you can use it to control several other functions. The travel direction switch allows you to switch between forward, reverse and neutral gears. The carriage tilt function allows you to tilt the Bob-tach® interface. After hitting a button on the control panel, you can use the plus and minus buttons on the joystick to adjust the hydraulic flow.

Having access to all those functions in one full-featured joystick allows you to stay focused on the job and streamline your operation. For instance, you can unload pallets without lifting your hand off the controls to adjust the travel direction boom height,or the carriage tilt. Put simply, it helps you finish projects faster by eliminating hassle.

Brake Pedal

The brake pedal controls travel speed at any rpm. Using the first half of the stroke on the brake pedal allows you to maintain full engine rpm while hydrostatically slowing down the machine. This is beneficial if you want to reduce travel speed, but still need to maintain full hydraulic flow for using an attachment. Depressing the pedal further then applies the machine brakes. Due to the hydrostatic transmission, as soon as pressure is let off the accelerator pedal, the VersaHANDLER telescopic tool carrier will decelerate and stop. This differs from a telehandler with a torque converter-style transmission, where the machine coasts before coming to a complete stop. It’s beneficial when traveling on slopes, as you can inch your way up and down a slope very easily without applying the brake.