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Telehandler / Performance Features

Three Steering Modes – Telehandlers

Matched to any other machine in its class, you’ll quickly see how the VersaHANDLER® telescopic tool carrier gives you the most maneuverability on a jobsite. It features proportional-flow power steering and three steering modes.

Three Steering Modes

The control panel inside the VersaHANDLER V519 telehandler.

The VersaHANDLER telescopic tool carrier easily outmaneuvers traditional wheel loaders and tractor loaders with three, easily changeable steering modes. Select a steering mode by using the convenient rocker switch, which is within easy reaching distance. Whatever mode you choose, the auto-steering alignment provides assistance when adjusting the wheels. It eliminates the hassle of aligning the front and rear wheels separately. The three modes are:

All-wheel steer provides the best job site maneuverability. Use the all-wheel steer mode to make quick, tight turns you can’t achieve in an articulated loader.

Crab steer allows the machine to maintain a straight centerline when positioning a load or hooking up to an attachment. Use it for side-to-side positioning in tight workspaces.

Front-wheel steer
mode is best for high-speed road travel or when pulling a trailer. The front-wheel steer mode permits high-speed road travel at 18.3 mph, often eliminating the need to haul this machine on a trailer from jobsite to jobsite.

Power Steering

The Bobcat VersaHANDLER V519 telehandler has unmatched steering options and capabilities.

Proportional-flow power steering enables the four wheels to mimic the turn you make with the steering wheel proportionally. This intuitive connection between the operator and wheels increases steering accuracy.