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Compact Tractor / Performance Features

Maximum Maneuverability – Compact Tractors

Whether you’re working in a wide-open pasture or moving between buildings or inside the barn, Bobcat® compact tractors maximize maneuverability so you can get where you need to go quickly and easily.

Bobcat Compact Tractors Maneuvering Implement Around Small Farm

Standard Four-Wheel Drive

A hard-working tractor needs hard-working traction. All Bobcat compact tractors offer four-wheel drive so you can easily engage the system whenever the work demands it.

High Ground Speed

With top travel speeds as high as 18.5 mph (depending on model), you’ll spend less time moving from one point to another, and you’ll make every second count when you have work to get done.

Dimensionally Balanced

Dimensionally well balanced, the weight, wheelbase, length, tire options and overall engineering of your Bobcat compact tractor add up to a machine that feels powerful and capable while being responsive to your control and comfortable to operate.

Tight Turning Radius

Maximum maneuverability is the key to effective mowing, tilling and more. Bobcat compact tractors feature a tight turning radius – as little as 8 feet, depending on the model – so you can move in close to trees, buildings and other obstacles.

Steering Brakes

Larger models also include steering brakes (found on models CT2025 and up, depending on transmission type). These are especially useful when you’re working between buildings, in pens, barns or around trees. They assist in maintaining a tight turning radius, nearly pivoting the tractor on the inside wheel.

High Ground Clearance

A high minimum ground clearance enables you to keep working in uneven terrain and in wet, muddy conditions.

Stable Wheel Base

The 71.26 inch wheelbase of the CT4045, CT4050, CT4055 and CT4058 tractors maximizes your towing capacity and optimally distributes weight to each wheel for more stability on hilly terrain.