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Compact Tractor / Comfort Features

Operator-Friendly Controls – Compact Tractors

Interior Cab Controls On Compact Tractors From Bobcat

Bobcat® compact tractors are designed to be simple to operate, even for people without a lot of equipment experience. A variety of control features, available on select models, help you complete a day’s worth of tasks with less effort.

Intuitive control levers make it easier and more enjoyable to do more with your compact tractor. You can match torque to the task with the HST range selector lever, moving effortlessly between high and low ranges. You can also adjust mid-mount mower cutting height via a simple lever control on select models. Rear and mid PTO levers enable you to engage or disengage the PTOs separately or together.

Power Steering

Tilt Steering Wheel On Bobcat Compact Tractors

Tractor models with power steering provide nearly effortless maneuverability and automotive-style comfort to your tractor’s operation. Select models offer the steering wheel tilt, enabling any operator to adjust to the position that feels most comfortable.

Linked Pedal Option

Linked Pedal Control Inside Bobcat Compact Tractor

The linked pedal, available on select models that have a hydrostatic or electronic hydrostatic transmission, increases engine rpm as you engage the travel pedal, for operation that feels similar to driving a car. This makes for intuitive front-end loader control – and enhances ease of use on a variety of other jobs. Select models include the electronic linked pedal to increase or decrease engine rpm and make front-end loader work and a variety of other jobs easy. With the push of a button, the travel pedal and engine throttle are linked.

Cruise Control

Cruise Control Feature On Compact Tractors From Bobcat

With the optional cruise control switch, available on HST models CT2025 and above, you can hold the travel pedal in place to obtain a more consistent speed with less input from you. E-HST tractors feature true electronic cruise control that maintains a constant travel speed without travel-pedal input from you. Ideal when grading, raking or traveling longer distances without direction changes, making jobs more comfortable.

Loader Joystick

Loader Joystick On Bobcat Compact Tractor

Select models offer a cab-integrated joystick lever that's within easy reach for simple loader work and strategically positioned to maintain high visibility. The molded grip feels comfortable in your hand and makes the front-end loader respond intuitively to your command. Other models have a single front-end loader joystick that controls all loader functions with one lever.

External 3-point Control Lever

3-Point Control Levers On Bobcat Compact Tractor

A 3-point control lever makes hooking up tractor implements easier, allowing you to easily raise and lower lift arms.

Hydraulic Pump

A hydraulic pump allows smooth, easy control in heavy-duty work – so you can do the job with minimal effort.

Speed Limit Function

Speed Limit Control Switches On Compact Tractors From Bobcat

A speed limit function, available only on models with electronic hydrostatic transmission, enhances safety and helps new operators work more confidently by electronically limiting the maximum travel speed.