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Compact Tractor / Performance Features

Power Take-Off (PTO) – Compact Tractors

Power take-off (PTO) is the power source for powered implements like mowers, post-hole diggers and other implements. Bobcat® compact tractors include the rear PTO as standard on all models. Mid PTO is standard with some packages or optional on some tractors that are not equipped.

Rear Power Take-Off

Bobcat Compact Tractor Using Rear PTO With 3-Point Tiller On Acreage

With the rear PTO, standard on all Bobcat compact tractors, you’ll be able to add and complete more projects on your wish list. Coupled with the 3-point hitch, you can operate numerous Category 1 implements.

Mow the yard before it rains. Blow snow after the latest blizzard. Till your garden and get ready for spring planting. Dig holes for fence posts or trees in all types of soil conditions. Clear thick weeds from ditches or around ponds.

Use rear PTO-powered implements, including:



Mid-PTO Powered Mid-Mount Mower On Bobcat Compact Tractor Mowing Vineyard

Enjoy superior maneuverability for mowing around trees, buildings and other obstacles with a standard 2,200 rpm mid power take-off that enables a mid-mount mower. Mid PTO is necessary to operate the mid-mount mower implement.

With a mid PTO, you have the option of combining three tools on one machine – one in back, one in front and your mid-mount mower. Mid PTO is standard on models CT1021 and CT1025, and optional on all other Bobcat compact tractor models except on 4000 Platform models with a manual transmission.

Flip-up PTO Guard

Tractor PTO Guard On Bobcat Compact Tractor

The flip-up PTO guard ensures easy attachment installation while still providing operator protection during use.

PTO Cruise

Bobcat Compact Tractor Control For PTO Cruise

PTO cruise function, available on select compact tractor models, allows you to maintain rpm at your preferred setting, even as the tractor’s load conditions change.

PTO Selection Switch

A PTO selection switch, available on select tractor models, gives you the option of manual controlled or automatic PTO functionality. When you choose the auto setting, the rear PTO stops when you raise your implement past a set height. When you lower it to working depth, it starts again – so you can continue your work seamlessly.